Mirrors, mirrors on the wall

Mirrors, mirrors on the wall

Accurately placed mirrors can change the look of any home. Mirrors can effectively expand walls, amplify light and break up the effect of overcrowding...

Accurately placed mirrors can change the look of any home. Mirrors can effectively expand walls, amplify light and break up the effect of overcrowding and clutter. Mirrors can be used best in the following situations:

A large one between two windows
This helps to increase the natural light coming through the windows and creates an illusion of having an extra window.

Behind a large piece of furniture
Mirrors that are the same size of the furniture make the room look attractive and the space larger. But care must be taken to secure the mirror to the wall so it does not fall and break.

Behind a light
Wherever a mirror is placed, whether it is behind a candle, a hanging light, or a bedside lamp, a mirror will optimise the light and create a stunning effect.

Behind bedside lamps or tables
This enables a soft diffusion of light and makes a good atmosphere.

Place it across opposite a window
This helps to increase the amount of natural light coming in and reflects greenery and the beautiful outdoor view.

On a wall
These can double the size of a small or narrow room by giving the room width.

A narrow type
Place it in the foyer or above a side table in the dining room, to show off your paintings to best effect. You can use multiple mirrors and paintings of similar size for best effects.

On a brightly coloured wall or shelf
This is very effective and several objects can be placed around the mirror in contrast.

In the middle of a bookshelf
This placing of a mirror gives relief when there are rows of books around it.

Try it in kitchen
Although mirrors are not usually seen in kitchens, this adds a homely and warm look to the kitchen but take care to keep this away from the stove area so that you can keep it clean.

Two on adjacent walls
Hang mirrors on two adjacent walls to have the reflective effect of the light. This works best in the drawing and dining rooms.

Home gym
A big mirror near your gym equipment makes your room look more like a gym and also gives you the motivation to work out.

Create space and atmosphere
Mirror can be the best tool especially if you are living in a smaller apartment. It is a versatile and cheap way of improving your house.

Behind a curio display
This adds depth and beauty to your prized porcelain and glass collections.

However, ensure that mirrors are well secured and hung straight for the best effect. Also clean them with a glass spray and soft cloth. Buy the best quality frames that you can afford too. Hang as many as you can, in an innovative manner and think out of the box but don’t go over the top!

By: Beyniaz Edulji

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