Essential beard styles for the summer

Essential beard styles for the summer

The Indian summer is hot and humid and the additional moisture in the air can be hell for the bearded male. A lot of men, prefer to either be...

The Indian summer is hot and humid and the additional moisture in the air can be hell for the bearded male. A lot of men, prefer to either be completely shorn of their beards in the summer, or they’re looking at an alternative in order to make their beards a lot more manageable. So in keeping with this search, we decide to compile the most ‘must-have’ styles for summer.

The solo moustache: The good old moustache has made a huge comeback and seems like it is here to stay. A classic moustache looks good on almost every face type and whether you choose the solo moustache or the stache with stubble, this one is a really hot look right now. Also with the heat and humidity the stache is a lot less in terms of maintenance as opposed to a whole beard.

The ‘untidy’ shave: Comprising of a moustache and closely trimmed stubble this look is the right balance of manly attitude and casual elegance. If you’re one of those people who love the look but aren’t too kicked about the maintenance, this look is right up your alley. Sported by both celebrities and athletes alike, the ‘untidy’ shave is uber chic right now.

The ‘toned down’ grizzly: If you are the type that loves the outdoorsy ‘chic’ that is associated with the ‘mountain man’, you may love this look. For those with a fuller beard growth the ‘toned down’ grizzly is the best look for the summer, as it lets you sport a full beard, but is better maintained and as such is just a few notches under the usual thickness of the winter beard.

The Van Dyke’: Made popular by forever stylish David Beckham, the Van Dyke is a classic style that is seeing a revival. Definitely a tad bit on the higher side in terms of maintenance, this style is sure to get you the admiration of women and the envy of their male consorts. A best of both worlds, the Van Dyke is a coming together of the thick moustache, the soul patch and the well-manicured beard. Highly recommended… but be warned, equally high on maintenance.

The chin triangle: A definite improvement on the soul patch (which quite frankly suits only struggling musicians, if you ask us), the chin triangle, is a Hollywood style popularised by stars like Channing Tatum. It draws attention to the small area it covers and mandates a tight, clean shave of the rest of the face. You may also pair it with a pencil moustache, if you’re feeling particularly avant-garde. Highly recommended.

The Classic French Beard: Often times called the ‘corporate rebel’ the French beard is seeing a revival of sorts with celebrities like Brad Pitt and even George Clooney sporting it at the recently concluded Cannes Film Festival. Low on maintenance and the one style that suits almost every face cut, invest in this one if you are a newbie, or want to try something classic for a change.

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