The magic of couture

The magic of couture

Change is the only constant in Fashion All that one wants to put on is fashion and all that one desires to be is to be fashionable And fashion is in a...

Change is the only constant in Fashion. All that one wants to put on is fashion and all that one desires to be is to be fashionable. And fashion is in a way a statement, an expression of self. Gaurav Gupta one of the most famous designers from Mumbai showcased his collection at Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2018 with a unique concept named ‘My Expression, My pride’. The designer, who has broken the myth of stereotypical fashion shows confidence through his expressions. In an exclusive interview he shares what fashion means to him.

Tell us about the concept ‘My Expression My Pride’
It is a new age couture collection and I have been very expressive with this whole futuristic organic feeling in the collection. There are many different looks in the collection, but it all comes together. There are midnight blues, there is a lava red, ecru which is a creamish colour and very beautiful. You will see a ray of new concepts for Indian wear where you have the lehengas, which have our sculpting boning on the bottom and like a saree-lehenga gown, so it kind of breaks all the rules of Indian wear.

It also breaks the rules of couture as well and it is a new cultural movement that we are trying to start. We give options for receptions, cocktails, Sangeeth etc., for brides and for people to wear during the wedding season. For men we have tuxes, bandhgalas which are really sexy and cool with our sculpting boning techniques on the shoulders and on the lapels. I have just not been following any rules and have been very expressive with my art and I have gone a bit wild.

What is the future of Couture?
I think the future is now, we are creating the future and we are creating the culture. There is multiplicity of design - somebody would want to wear more traditional things, somebody would want to wear more contemporary or conceptual, which is really the future of couture and the future of life is individuality and originality.

Evening wear and wedding collection is given more importance than the ready to wear in Indian fashion/ Please comment.

I think different markets have different needs. India is ready to wear fashion that is more Indianised. There are mass brands that re-doing it, but I think that the design of ready to wear fashion in India is not a very lucrative one because it doesn’t have that kind of infrastructure. Fashion as an industry in India is only 30 years old, so it is not formulated into categories that well. Occasion wear and the socio- economic cultural calling of India is the reason why India has more of wedding and occasion wear.

How is Hyderabad for designers?
Hyderabad is great. Everyone is so respectful and well mannered, I love how they say Aadab and everyone is genuinely pleasing and nice. I have a lot of clientele in Hyderabad and I really love the fact that they genuinely appreciate design. They respect each other and have a great value system. I love the cultural evolution of the southern part of India.

How is Hyderabad in terms of fashion?
It is actually very cool. It’s become the third fashion city in the country after Delhi and Bombay. To my surprise Hyderabad has been more experimental.

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