Chrome browser extension lets you track when your email was read

Chrome browser extension lets you track when your email was read

Chrome's Extension Lets You Track When Your Email Was Read. A New Extension For Google Chrome Browser Allows Users To Track Where And When Their Email Was Opened And Read By A Recipient.

Washington: A new extension for Google Chrome browser allows users to track where and when their email was opened and read by a recipient.
A San Francisco-based startup called Streak has developed the free browser extension and using it with a Gmail account, senders are notified whenever about when their emails were read.
According to Mashable, Streak also tells where the email was open by putting the email on a map and proving real-time location updates about the recipients.
Although the extension might come as a threat in light of the NSA leaks, Streak is helpful when tracking important emails sent at crucial hours.
The extension shows an eye icon on an email that turns green when the email is opened.
The report said that the recipient doesn't need to have Streak installed for the email sender to be notified that the email was opened and the sent email would not notify the recipient that their email was being tracked.
Streak has been designed for customer relationship management, and also features tools for sales, support, hiring, scheduling emails and sharing emails company-wide and works with Gmail in the Safari browser, as well as Google Apps accounts for businesses, the report added.

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