Secrets to be unveiled from the mysterious meteorite, say scientist at NASA
Secrets to be unveiled from the mysterious meteorite, say scientist at NASA

Earlier in the year, NASA’s weather telescopes detected a mysterious meteorite whizzing through the atmosphere and taking a plunge into the Pacific Ocean. What amazed the team at NASA was that the meteorite had hardly lost most of its content during entry into Earth’s atmosphere.

Marc Fries, NASA’s planetary scientist, suggests that Earth may have a unique meteorite visit our planet for in a long time. The space rocks were found to not to crack, break or burn apart while making an entry into Earth’s hot atmosphere at tremendous speeds — something that’s usual with every other meteorite entry. "This one is special, is tougher than your typical meteor,” said Fries, in an interview.

However, NASA has previously never extracted space rocks from the ocean. Therefore, this is the first time the premiere space agency will attempt to scavenge meteorites from the ocean bed. The area where the rocks have landed is shallow and goes down up to 330 feet.

As NASA will rely on an exploration vehicle, called Nautilus, to hunt for the mysterious rocks. The vehicle is equipped with robotic probes with magnetic arms that will pull out the meteorite, if it’s metallic in nature (meteorites are usually full of metals).

The unique properties of this mysterious meteorite has got the team excited at NASA. It is expected that this space rock will eventually unfold new secrets of the universe that may not have been unveiled yet.

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