Live Updates: KCR swearing-in ceremony at Raj Bhavan

Live Updates: KCR swearing-in ceremony at Raj Bhavan

Live Updates KCR swearingin ceremony at Raj Bhavan

{"content":"<p>TRS president K Chandrashekar Rao swearing-in ceremony at Raj Bhavan began with the national anthem. <-/p>-r-n","new_content":[{"time":"2018-12-13 13:40:02","content":"<p>Swearing in ceremony started with national anthem at Raj Bhavan<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2018-12-13 13:40:30","content":"<p>Governor ESL Narasimhan administers oath to chief minister<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2018-12-13 13:40:58","content":"<p>K Chandrashekar Rao takes oath in Telugu<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2018-12-13 13:41:50","content":"<p>Md Mahamood Ali takes oath In Urdu<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2018-12-13 13:42:13","content":"<p>Swearing in ceremony concludes<-/p>-r-n"},{"time":"2018-12-13 13:42:34","content":"<p>Guests stand for national anthem<-/p>-r-n"}]}
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