Many new MLAs face cases against them
Many new MLAs face cases against them

Hyderabad: The dust has settled down. The TRS romped home with a majority and the celebrations are still on. As the winning candidates would be taking oath on the constitution soon, it is an irony that 67 out of the 119 legislators have cases against them for not honouring the very same Constitution of India. 

M Padmanabha Reddy, the secretary of Forum for Good Governance, says, “According to the Supreme Court order, the contestants as well as the political parties concerned must issue a declaration in the widely circulated newspapers in the locality about the antecedents of the candidates and also give wide publicity in the electronic media and should be done thrice after filing nomination papers.  These directions ought to be implemented in true spirit and right earnestness in a bid to strengthen the democratic set up. However, no party or candidate has taken up this exercise seriously.”  The cases are being shown as pending for more than 5 years, as per the affidavits filed by the candidates. Some of the cases are related to issues like rasta roko, rail roko etc. Earlier, the Government of Telangana had withdrawn many cases. 

The trend started in the 90’s onwards when criminals entered into elections arena and got elected by luring the voters with money, and liquor.  “If the present trend continues the day is not far when the Assembly will be full of persons having cases against them.  There is a need for voters to introspect,” said Padmanabha Reddy. Very few candidates obeyed the orders of Supreme Court.  Many of them just ignored. A few days before the polling date Forum for Good Governance brought this non-compliance of court order to the notice of Chief Electoral Officer, Telangana State, but there was no response, he added. 

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