One stop for all Sheroes
One stop for all Sheroes

A platform that began as support eco system essentially to provide jobs in 2013, is today a trusted space, where women can have honest conversation on various subjects - from entrepreneurship and travel to health and career guidance, through focused communities. The unique women-only social network can be accessed via and the SHEROES app. 

Another interesting development is that the content is now put out in regional languages including Telegu and this has received good response. Women from Guntur, Hyderabad, Nellore, Tirupati, Bhimavaram, Ongole, Warangal, Nizamabad and Vizag, to name a few places, are accessing the platform. Aspects like career guidance, love and relationships, health and parenting, domestic abuse, teaching Maths – all find place here. 

Over a million women have benefitted from using the phone, chat and offline help services. The Ask SHEROES counseling service on our app serves over 300 women every day with a range of needs.

“Essentially, through constructive engagement, we're catalysing women's growth and potential, and I would welcome all women on the Internet to get on SHEROES and explore this exciting space!” says founder, CEO Sairee Chahal, who speaks about this much necessary facility. 

What was the idea behind launching SHEROES app and how it is helping the women around the globe?
SHEROES is building a unique women-only social network - a safe, trusted space where women can have conversations, seek and offer support to each other and be part of a growing community in India and around the world. 

Through our online communities, women are engaging across many aspects of their life journey. They’re seeking career guidance, sharing their health queries and experiments, as well as discussing important issues around love and relationships. Additionally, we launched certain communities in spaces that women are traditionally discouraged from - Math, finance management and technology, for instance.

While women were accessing the platform via, we felt the need to create a very personalised space for women - something that’s easily accessible from your smartphone, and 24/7. So, we launched the app in 2017, and have already crossed over 2.5 lakh downloads, since then! The app is a really a fun, supportive space for women. 

One of the unique features on the app is our one-on-one chat helpline, where women are talking to our counsellors about all kinds of things - from entrepreneurship and their struggles in personal relationships, to parenting issues. The exam season has brought with it SOS queries from distressed mothers around coping with exam stress. Even they need support, but often there is no one to turn to. For many, the SHEROES community is filling a genuine gap. Online safety and the privacy of our members are important priorities for us.

Who have been your motivators and inspirations? 
Growing up, my mother truly motivated me with her take-charge spirit, and my daughter, too, with her endless capacity for empathy and compassion. Our community members inspire me, too in a big, big way. Imagine, we have a very driven 14-year old musician looking to start a music community! I absolutely love reading their stories, ideas and nuggets, on SHEROES; these women are breaking stereotypes, every day and taking charge of their destinies, and this truly motivates me.  

SHEROES is now also helping women/mothers to be calm during exams!
Through our platform, moms are connecting with other moms, sharing their concerns and supporting each other. Through the helpline, they reach out to our counsellors to share their concerns about their kids’ education, career prospects and future path. Our counsellors try to support them through conversations around the inter-generational differences, managing expectations, and avoiding comparisons. These seem like simple things, but the shift must happen in the mind first. We have seen the evolution in women over a period of time, through multiple conversations. 

How many queries does SHEROES is receiving on parenting/career counselling these days?
On an average we receive 250 parenting queries a day, and 100 questions around career guidance, and this number is growing. The questions are very diverse. In parenting, moms debate about nutrition, health and which baby products are the most beneficial, while in career counselling women ask questions around their own careers as well as the various streams their kids can pursue. We have empanelled Champions - women who come with a certain expertise and invest their time to support other women, and these women, as well as our in-house experts respond to queries. However, we are seeing more women in the community sharing their learning and experiences. Of late, many women have expressed an interest to mentor other women on a certain aspects - could be digital marketing, skill building, Math, tech mentorship, etc. This circle of support is really what SHEROES is all about.   

How have your ventures helped women? 
SHEROES is many things to many women. A young community member - an entrepreneur who is building a business for ergonomic maternity and nursing wear, described us as a "hug", which tells you that it’s all going to be fine! I suppose we have helped women in myriad ways - from supporting them through mentorship; some women have benefited via legal advice, others through counselling, and mentorship, and some just through conversations. Over the years, women have shared their experiences, and this has motivated us to continue building what, we have set.