YVS Laxmirama
YVS Laxmirama

She is a successful classical vocalist and film and light-music singer, music teacher, event organiser, wife and mother. She also dabbled in dubbing for ads and teaching commerce. YVS Laxmirama embodies the multitasking woman of today, who works hard to balance home and career and make a success of both.

Laxmirama started out as a singer for film songs and light music. “My siblings were all singers and we performed in many programmes of film music and light music. Later, I began training in Carnatic music after I realised how enormously valuable classical music can be for training a voice and enhancing it in every possible way," she explains. 

Even today, that is her mantra, and main advice to every student and as a matter of fact, to anyone who comes to her for guidance. "Whatever genre of music you want to sing, it is essential to first have a basic training in classical music. A good training in Carnatic music moulds the voice and enables you to render any kind of music with ease." 

The other thing Laxmirama has learnt in all her years of multitasking is that any woman who wants to strive to have a successful career and family life must learn to work twice as hard and also master the art of balance. "Balancing the needs of family and career means having to work extra hard. If a woman has talent and ambition, she must take every opportunity to realise those dreams and allow her talent to blossom. 

I am always encouraging girls to pursue their goals. I too have sought out all avenues to realise my dreams. However, if a woman is also a wife and mother, the family's needs also have to be considered. I have learnt to maintain a balance and make a few compromises. So, for example, out of every 10 programme offers I receive, I accept only five." 

She has been setting goals for herself and systematically working to achieve them. Starting out as a light-music singer she acquired an AIR Grade (Light music and Devotional) in 1994. After securing an MCom degree from Osmania University in 1996, she was inspired to also learn classical music, encouraged by senior musicians. So, she underwent training in the same. She felt that an academic degree too would help and did her MA (Music) in 2010 from Sri Padmavati Mahila University. 

This was followed by a Fellowship in Carnatic Vocal from the Department of Art and Culture [Govt of India], (2011-13), with the subject of her thesis being Analytical Study on Tumu Narasimha Dasu Keertanas. Even as she got married and had two children, Laxmirama continued to pursue her music.  So far, she has given over 100 concerts altogether in the three genres – film, light and Carnatic music—in Hyderabad and other cities. She has also participated in many TV shows and recorded devotional songs for many organisations like the Brahmakumaris, and for Janani Siva Kamini (Bhakti TV), Aamani Paadave Koyila (Pooja TV) and Devaragam (for Hindu Dharmam TV). Along the way, she has collected awards like the Dr P Bhanumati Ramakrishna award in 2006 from Swarajagruti Samstha (Hyderabad), and Sangeeta Vidwanmani from Andhra Maha Sabha (Mumbai). She has also served on the jury for music competitions. 

There are many challenges in the quest to be a successful singer. One is the importance of keeping your voice in good condition. She adds: “It is not enough to be born with a good voice. Relentless sadhana is important. And one must be eager to improve oneself continuously and always respect and show gratitude to one's gurus. I am indebted to people like Dr Radha Ventachalam, Dr Kanna Kumar, and Hyderabad Sisters Lalitha and Haripriya and many others for their good advice and encouragement."