Be a Santa to your little one

Be a Santa to your little one

Choosing the best Christmas gifts for kids can be tricky Be a Santa to your little ones and gift them the five fun yet skill developing Christmas gifts, as these presents will engage kids imaginations into the new year and beyond

With Christmas just around the corner, many will be gearing up to take part in the festivities that come with it. Christmas is associated with merriment and is a time for togetherness. The traditions vary across the globe and are the most loved festival among children because of the excitement they have after opening gifts on the day.

Choosing the best Christmas gifts for kids can be tricky. Be a Santa to your little ones and gift them the five fun yet skill developing Christmas gifts, as these presents will engage kids’ imaginations into the new year and beyond.

Here are an array of brilliant Christmas gifts for children, all of which aim to ignite a creative flame for all ages and interests.

A series of discovery boxes for children aged 02-12 and carefully designed for Early Child Development. Every box comes with activities that’ll enable the child to create, play, explore and read about a particular theme while catering to more than 12 critical developmental areas.

Typically, parents subscribe to these boxes in three, six or 12-month duration and the boxes are delivered to the home. This segment focuses on engaging children meaningfully at home, away from gadgets and TV.

Those of you who are worried that your child is being exposed to gadgets at a very early stage of their childhood, Flintobox is definitely your go-to Christmas present for little ones engaging them meaningful.

How can a list of creative Christmas presents for children be complete without including LEGO- a toy that is on the Christmas wish list of many children. The popular little Brick has exploded in recent years, with Lego sets available in almost all the themes that one can think of. It is just very hard to pick a favourite. These sets come with enough Lego pieces to build not one but three models, which means the kids will invest more time on playing and away from gadgets.

Shumee’s wooden balance- bike is another quirky gifting option for your children. These eco-friendly, safe good-looking bikes is a perfect combination to help your children learn cycling. The real inflatable rubber tires and a sturdy wooden frame with rounded finish prevent injuries and are easy for toddlers to balance and reach the ground with their feet. This bike comes assembled and hence reduces the workload for the parents. Be a rational Santa to your child and gift them something that is worthwhile.

For a more traditional drawing and painting experience for your artistic child, there is nothing more ideal than the gorgeous small person-sized art easel. Those tiny fingers can experiment with paint, chalk, pens, crayons, markers and more, all at one convenient station. It is designed to let your child use various art media-on one side is a chalkboard, on the other is a dry erase board. The easy-to-clean design makes it very parent-friendly. Help your child enhance their creative skills with this simple yet interesting present.

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