Low ranks cannot stop your career

Low ranks cannot stop your career

The last couple of months have been extremely busy time for many parents who have teenage children. While it has been a busy time for parents, it...

dr rajThe last couple of months have been extremely busy time for many parents who have teenage children. While it has been a busy time for parents, it turned out to be horrid time for the teenagers. Gone are the days when summer used to be a holiday time. These days, summer seems to simmering with exam heat. Students end up slogging out in coaching classes preparing for all kinds of exams. Some were into betterment exams to improve percentage from a mere 95 to 97 while others were trying to scrape through by getting pass marks. For those who thought that they successfully completed one important chapter of their education, it was time to write endless exams to seek admissions into higher education programs. I saw students going nuts appearing for BITS, ViTS, KITS, WITS and so on running from one place to another.

The pressure that students were going through during these months was enormous with so much physical and mental stress. Adding to that was the psychological stress when results started flowing in one after the other. I could see the students literally losing sleep and stop eating in anticipation of exam results and possible fear of failures. The ranks for some were in three or four digits while for some it became a joke as the rank resembled either a postal pin code or as exaggerated as a mobile number!

Students went into hiding as parents felt that their heads were hanging in shame due to the poor performance of their children!

It is important to realise that the behaviour around us has the potential to make or break our future. It is therefore extremely essential not to succumb to the extraneous factors and instead create an inner world that will shape your life beyond ranks!

Here are the five tips for a beautiful inner world.

hr mirror1. Speak Up � it is true that your rank becomes a talk point in every conversation around you. It is important for you to gain courage and speak up to share how their comments are impacting you. It is not about becoming a rebel; instead it is about sharing feelings and emotions. Let others know it irrespective of whether they care for it or not. Keeping quiet will not communicate how it pains you!

2. Manage expectations � Many youngsters after the exam try to give comfort to parents saying that they did well in the exam. Instead it is better to set the expectations moderately. Otherwise, parents will tend to imagine as if every student will get into an IIT. Similarly, it is important to manage your own expectations about yourself realistically. Honestly, you would know how you fared in the exam.

3. Know your strengths � it may be possible that you did not do well in terms of ranks; but it doesn't take away your strengths. You must realise and recognise what you are really good at and reinforce it to you. Irrespective of the ranks, your strength will take you ahead in life. Never undermine!

4. Be clear about your long term goal � When you are clear about where you want to reach, you can always find different ways of reaching there. Will you stop your drive just because one road is blocked due to heavy traffic? You will find alternative routes. So, be clear about your long term goal and explore alternative ways of getting there, irrespective of your rank!

5. Invest in Self-learning � Remember Institute is just a brand; it is infrastructure. Ultimately, your learning depends on you. If you have the determination to learn and acquire knowledge, no one can stop you. In case, your rank gets you admission into a mediocre college, supplement your education with self-learning. Internet is a wonderful medium to access the world of knowledge.

Follow these five tips; build your confidence and competence. Make best use of whatever college or infrastructure you get. If you want to reach goal, your determination will take you there, irrespective of the ranks. Never ever lose hope! Remember, there is career and life beyond ranks! Prove it to this world and people around you! More importantly, to yourself!

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