Airtel DTH Channel Packs and Plans

Airtel DTH Channel Packs and Plans

  • Airtel DTH broadcaster bouquet has a total of 368 plans
  • The free broadcasting channels are divided into two categories
  • Airtel DTH presents a total of 563 separate channels

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India, also known as TRAI 2019 regulations for TV subscribers came into force some time ago and this has led to service providers offering new plans and offers to subscribers. The tastes of Tata Sky have created personalized plans and packages, and Airtel Digital TV has also done something similar. If you are an Airtel DTH subscriber, read on to find details about the channels and new Airtel DTH plans found in the table, along with the prices and conditions of the Network Capacity Fee (NCF) associated with it.

Airtel's DTH offers can be broadly divided into three categories: FTA Bouquets consist of free-to-air channels, A-la-carte for choosing individual channels, and 'Broadcaster Bouquet' for choosing channels offered by a single transmission network.

But before going into the details and listing the channels, as well as the pricing structure, it is important to first establish the network capacity rates, that is, the NCF rules. Following the regulation of TRAI, Airtel DTH subscribers will be charged a total of Rs. 153.4 (taxes included) for the first 100 channels in your library. Once the number of channels in the library has exceeded 100, subscribers will have to pay Rs. 23.60 (taxes included) for every 25 new channels added to the library. Keep in mind that this is only the NCF, you will have to pay above the channels.

In case multiple TV connections are used under the same Airtel DTH account, an NCF charge of Rs. 80 (plus taxes) will be charged for the first 100 channels (standard definition) in the library, while an additional Rs. 20 (without taxes) will be charged for each new slot of 25 new channels.

With that out of the way, the details of the plans and channels available to Airtel DTH subscribers are listed below:

Airtel DTH Broadcaster Bouquet

The Broadcaster Bouquet is the Airtel DTH equivalent of the Broadcaster plans offered by Tata Sky, and consists of plans offered by broadcasting entities. But unlike Tata Sky, Airtel's Broadcaster plans are more bifurcated and offer multiple plans from the same station with different names.

Airtel DTH offers bouquet plans for radio stations such as Discovery, Sony, Star and NDTV, among others. In the Broadcaster Bouquet, the channel plans begin at Rs. 0.59 per month and go all the way up to Rs. 171.1 per month. The following is a list of stations, the number of channel plans and the price structure:

Airtel DTH pack Number of plans Starting price (per month) Going up to (per month)
Discovery 18 Rs. 4.72 Rs. 11.18
ETV 1 Rs. 28.32
Sony 26 Rs. 14.16 Rs. 109.74
Disney 4 Rs. 4.72 Rs. 14.16
Jaya 1 Rs. 7.098
NDTV 6 Rs. 2.95 Rs. 7.13
RAJ 2 Rs. 5.77 Rs. 6.52
Star 75 Rs. 29.5 Rs. 171.1
SUN 26 Rs. 5 Rs. 129.8
Tarang 1 Rs. 18.05
Times 4 Rs. 0.9 Rs. 3.6
Turner 3 Rs. 5.01 Rs. 14.75
TV Today 2 Rs. 0.59 Rs. 1.18
TV 55 Rs. 9.44 Rs. 70.8
Zee 86 Rs. 11.8 Rs. 141.6

Airtel DTH A-la-carte channels

The a-la-carte class is basically the complete catalogue of channels offered by Airtel DTH from which subscribers can choose the free and paid channels in HD (high definition) and SD (standard definition) quality. The total number of channels in the a-la-carte division is 563 in several languages and in different categories, such as sports, movies, entertainment, etc. Of the 563 channels, 266 of them are free. As for the payment channels, they start at Rs. 0.1 per month and goes all the way to Rs. 59 per month.

Airtel DTH FTA Bouquets

Like Tata Sky, Airtel also offers free channels, but in two separate classes: Welcome North and Welcome South. Since these are free channels, subscribers do not have to pay for them if they all include them in their library of personal channels, except for the NCF charges that will be applied according to the aforementioned rule.

In addition to the three categories mentioned, Airtel will also offer personalized plans to subscribers that consist of channels based on their content consumption habits. The TLC channels offered by Airtel cover the content of genres such as news, devotionals, movies, entertainment and more.

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