Apple to Launch Four New iPhones Today; Check Out

Apple to Launch Four New iPhones Today; Check Out

Apple to Launch Four New iPhones Today


Everything indicates that this year Apple may launch four new iPhones, that includes two "standard" models and two "pro" models.

In a few hours from now, another virtual Apple event is expected to disclose the iPhone 12 series and a list of other products. Apple CEO Tim Cook along with his executive team will take the stage to show what Cupertino believes will be able to grab shoppers' attention this holiday season despite low incomes and negative consumer sentiments across the globe.

Everything indicates that this year Apple may launch four new iPhones, that includes two "standard" models and two "pro" models. This would be the first time that Apple will offer four iPhone models, ranging in size from 5.4 inches to 6.7 inches. All four models will have a new design language with sharper edges around the corners and a slightly smaller notch.

But a model may become the most popular iPhone in the era of the pandemic could be a 5.4-inch variant, which could end up being called the iPhone 12 Mini. This particular iPhone will have small screen size and will be priced lower, although again it will not be a "cheap" iPhone.

Thomas Husson, vice president and principal research analyst for Forrester, says Apple will not launch a "cheap" iPhone during Tuesday's high-profile product launch event. "It may indeed launch a more affordable iPhone 12 with a smaller screen, but that would still be positioned as a premium device," said Husson. "It will be very interesting to analyse Apple's pricing strategy. If Apple launched an iPhone 12 Mini, they will obviously need to make sure it sells at a premium versus the iPhone SE model," he said.

Given that the iPhone SE sells for $ 399, Apple doesn't need another mid-tier iPhone that's aimed at budget-conscious consumers. At $ 399, the second-generation iPhone SE offers a lot of value to those consumers who don't have a budget for Apple's premium iPhones.

However, Apple needs an iPhone that will fill the price gap between the iPhone SE and the Pro models. Everyone cannot afford a $ 1000 iPhone, so the best way is to create a phone that closely resembles the iPhone top-notch in terms of features, but using price as a weapon to attract consumers to its ecology. In the past, Apple has implemented this strategy with the iPhone XR and iPhone 11, and Cupertino would like to replicate the same formula with the iPhone 12 Mini.

If Apple priced the iPhone 12 Mini at $ 649, a $ 50 drop in the price of the iPhone 11, the move could move both the premium segment and the profitable premium mid-range segment. But considering that a 5.4-inch "mini" iPhone is expected to have an OLED screen, dual-lens cameras, and even 5G support, the iPhone 12 Mini is likely to continue to attract interest from consumers who are looking for a premium smartphone by far less money.

Apple is not known for making "cheap" products, but the Cupertino based company has been trying to launch devices that can "entice people to renew or change," said Rushabh Doshi, Canalys Research Director. Doshi says that the iPhone 12 Mini will be part of Apple's average strategy, where the focus is on launching products that are not too expensive and not too cheap but still maintain the premium price.

"The Indian market is certainly central to Apple's strategy, and some players like Xiaomi are quite strong over there. There is no doubt that the Indian smartphone market is where growth will come from in the years to come, and Apple will certainly adapt its pricing strategy to local demand, but I frankly doubt it will change its positioning and start selling "cheap" iPhone in India," Husson said.

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