Netflix tests brightness control and playback speed on its mobile app

Netflix tests brightness control and playback speed on its mobile app

Netflix’s latest feature tests include playback speeds and brightness control on mobile its app.

Netflix tests new features regularly on Android and iOS. These features do not necessarily reach the stable version of the application. However, it is always interesting to see a new function in the app. Netflix is now testing brightness control and playback speed.

Android users on Netflix have begun to see the brightness control tool in the app. One of the biggest concerns of Netflix users is the darkness of the screen and increasing the brightness of the phone makes no difference. Programs like "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina", especially season 2, which was very dark.

The brightness control bar in the Netflix app appears on the side of the screen every time you start watching a TV show or movie. You can swipe up or down as and when you need. This brightness control tool is independent of the brightness of your phone and will not affect outside of Netflix. While the brightness tool seems very useful, it could be annoying as it remains constant on the screen. For phones with small screens, this could be a problem.

Netflix is also testing the playback speed with four options to go slower or faster. Netflix users can watch programs at slower speeds in 0.5X or 0.75X. Playback speed can also go faster by 1.25X or 1.5X. Netflix says that this feature was frequently requested by users, making it is a possibility to reach the stable version.

The latest features of Netflix are being tested only on mobile devices. As with all tests performed on Netflix, the company says it has no plans to implement them "in the short term." Netflix will also decide to enforce these functions according to the response they receive.

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