Safeguard your Paytm account from fraudsters

Safeguard your Paytm account from fraudsters

Paytm has requested the clients to be alert, mainly while updating their Know Your Customer (KYC).

Is it accurate to say that you are Paytm account holder and frequently do the online exchange through a bank or UPI? At that point, you should be cautious about progressing bank fraud. In the most recent notice, Paytm has cautioned its account holders or online bank frauds and have requested them to be alert and be cautious from the fraudsters.

The versatile mobile wallet giant Paytm has requested the clients to be alert, mainly while updating their Know Your Customer (KYC), as the due date is closer. If you have a versatile mobile wallet and your account are linked, at that point, this article is critical for you.

As per the report, Paytm has issued a warning for individuals using its application, asking not to download remote access applications including AnyDesk or Quicks Port in their mobile phones.

As the mobile wallet and the bank details or UPI payment applications are connected, it is encouraged that the clients should not download the app, particularly while filling the KYC details. Paytm has helped individuals using its mobile wallet application to fill in the KYC formalities after connecting to its executive official online as this is the most secure alternative for them to dodge any bank fraud or malware assault.

Strikingly, there are a few news reports about fraudsters utilising remote applications, for example, Team Quer, AnyDesk and Quicks Port to assault Paytm account holders and internet banking clients and take their hard-earned money.

Reserve Bank of India, HDFC, SBI and a few others banks had additionally issued an alert concerning internet banking fraud cases, yet at the same time, it appears to be even similar to more individuals are falling for the same.

The Advisory of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) expresses that applications like AnyDesk approach clients for a customary protection license, which at that point gives fraudsters unapproved access to the clients' telephones. With its assistance, fraudsters at that point easily withdraw money from clients' Wallet or UPI accounts.

Paytm KYC Deadline:

According to reports if clients don't complete KYC before the end of this month, i.e. August 31st, then they won't be able to use Paytm wallet for online transactions from next month, i.e. September 1st. The Reserve Bank of India had given 31 timelines to the wallet organisations, within which they need to get all clients KYC.

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