Airtel V-Fiber Broadband Plan Offers Extra 1000GB Data for 6 Months

Airtel V-Fiber Broadband Plan Offers Extra 1000GB Data for 6 Months

Bharti Airtel's V-Fiber range of broadband plans now offers up to 1000GB of extra data, and the additional data benefit differs with the plan you choose.

Last month Airtel Broadband made its offerings to just four plans and the telecom has also revised the additional data offer. Earlier, all Airtel Broadband plans used to provide 1000GB or 1TB additional data, and now it is offering extra data depending on the plan you opt for.

Airtel's Current Broadband Plans

 Airtel Basic at Rs 799 per month

 Airtel Entertainment at Rs 1,099 per month

 Airtel Premium at Rs 1,599 per month

 Airtel VIP at Rs 1,999 for every month

Airtel Premium Broadband Plan Offers Extra 1000GB of Data

 The Airtel Rs 799 plan offers 200GB additional along with the 100GB data it delivers with.

 The Airtel Entertainment broadband plan provides a total of 500GB extra data

 The Airtel VIP plan adds 1TB or 1000GB extra data to the users' account.

The extra data credited by Airtel will be valid for six months from the month of credit; after that, it will lapse.

There's no limit on when the user can consume the extra data as it will be added to the user's FUP limit itself.

Similar to the Rs, 1,599 VIP broadband plan from Airtel offers 300 Mbps speeds and 600GB FUP limit monthly. Under this plan, users will get 1.6TB data while choosing the connection, later 600GB data will be credited monthly at the time of renewal of the plan.

Airtel Thanks Benefits Extended to Broadband Customers

Recently, Airtel announced that few Airtel V-Fiber users would be eligible for Airtel Thanks benefits. The available plans are Rs 1,099, Rs 1,599 and Rs 1,999, while the Rs 799 comes just with Airtel TV premium subscription.

Airtel Thanks benefits include free Netflix subscription for three months, Amazon Prime subscription worth Rs 999 for one year, and ZEE5 premium membership and Airtel TV Premium service.

Data Add-On Packs for Broadband Users

Airtel introduced some new data add-on packs beginning at Rs 99 to its broadband users, enabling them to refill their account FUP limit. These add-on plans are called as Airtel Smart Bytes.

 Rs 99 plan offers 5GB of data Rs 199 comes with 15GB data limit

 Rs 299 Smart Byte plan with 25GB of data limit

 Rs 1,499 Smart Byte pack gives 200GB of data

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