Apple Rejects Meta AI Chatbot, Choose OpenAI's ChatGPT for iOS 18

Apple Rejects Meta AI Chatbot, Choose OpenAIs ChatGPT for iOS 18

Apple rejects Meta AI integration for privacy reasons, choosing OpenAI's ChatGPT for enhanced Siri capabilities in iOS 18.

Recent discussions between Apple and Meta about integrating Meta's AI chatbot into iOS 18 have been making headlines. According to The Wall Street Journal, these talks ended with Apple rejecting the partnership due to privacy concerns. Bloomberg's sources confirmed that this decision was made several months ago, around the same time Apple was considering collaborations with OpenAI and Google.

Apple Opts for OpenAI's ChatGPT in iOS 18

At the WWDC 2024, Apple announced its decision to integrate OpenAI's ChatGPT into Siri and Apple Intelligence within iOS 18. This collaboration allows users to choose ChatGPT when Apple's native AI doesn't fully meet their needs. Apple highlighted its commitment to providing users with a variety of AI options by indicating support for additional platforms in the future.

Meta AI Launches in India

While Apple has chosen to go with OpenAI, Meta has begun the rollout of Meta AI across India. This AI is now available on popular platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and the platform. Starting with English language support, Meta AI showcases the capabilities of Meta's latest generative AI model, Llama 3, which was released earlier this year.

Meta AI is designed to assist users with everyday tasks and decisions within their social apps. For instance, users can use Meta AI on WhatsApp for restaurant recommendations or on Facebook to quickly get information about posts in their feed. On Instagram, the AI offers creative tips and personalized reel ideas based on user interests.

Intensifying AI Assistant Competition

The debut of Meta AI in India comes shortly after Apple's strategic decision to integrate ChatGPT into iOS, highlighting the growing competition in the AI assistant market. By partnering with OpenAI, Apple emphasizes ChatGPT's robust capabilities while keeping the door open for potential future collaborations with Google.

Apple Intelligence: Phased Rollout

Apple Intelligence is set to launch later this year with updates to iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia. Initially, it will support US English on the iPhone 15 Pro, iPad, and Mac models with M1 chips or newer. Apple plans to gradually extend support to additional languages and regions, ensuring a broad rollout over time.

Apple's decision to partner with OpenAI for ChatGPT integration underscores its focus on privacy and delivering a versatile AI experience. Meanwhile, Meta's expansion into AI with Meta AI demonstrates the dynamic and competitive landscape of AI assistants.

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