Don't Miss it! Get a 'FREE' iPhone SE 2022 from Apple

Dont Miss it! Get a FREE iPhone SE 2022 from Apple

Don't Miss it! Get a 'FREE' iPhone SE 2022 from Apple


The iPhone SE 2022 isn't very cheap, but you can get great discounts with exchange deals. Such a fantastic deal is definitely for iPhone SE 2022 fans! Get the iPhone SE 2022 for free!

The new iPhone SE 2022 has drawn mixed responses from Apple fans and critics alike. Apple's most affordable iPhone is recycling a design from 8 years ago just to keep prices affordable for mere mortals. Sure, you get 5G and the faster A15 Bionic chip that's also in the iPhone 13 in a compact body, but is that enough to justify an upgrade from older iPhones or Android devices? That is for you to decide! However, if you desperately want the latest iPhone SE, we found a deal that will make you go crazy.

You read right! Technically, you can get an iPhone SE 2022 free, and Apple will still pay you some money. However, Apple is not in the mood to pay back its customers and therefore wants you to opt for a superior iPhone variant. However, you can buy the iPhone SE 2022 128GB variant for just Rs. 2,200. However, for this deal, you will need to meet these two criteria:

1. You REALLY love the new iPhone SE 2022 more than any other phone

2. You love to do daring activities just for fun.

iPhone SE 2022 FREE, but there is a catch

Apple offers some great trade-in deals for its old smartphones, and iPhones have the highest value (obviously!) As we curiously perused the trade-in offers, we found one that caught our eye: a trade-in value. of Rs. 46,700! However, it is in exchange for your high-end Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max! Yes, you read that right!

Yes, if you have a 512GB iPhone 12 Pro Max that you don't like, you can trade it in at Apple for a new iPhone SE 2022. Based on value alone, you'll be able to get the basic 64GB iPhone SE 2022 for free, plus Apple will have to pay you Rs. 2,800! Yes, that is the offer that appears there.

But Apple is in the mood to make money, and even after taking away your precious iPhone 12 Pro Max, it asks you to pay Rs. 2,200 and get the 128GB variant of the iPhone SE; this offer is not eligible for the 64GB variant.

Again, you have to be a true fan of the latest iPhone SE 2022 to take advantage of this offer. Maybe you're tired of Apple royalty with your iPhone 12 Pro Max and want to experience a more simple iPhone for "everyone." Or, you hate the massive size of the Pro Max and want something comfortable that doesn't have flat edges. There can be innumerable reasons for making such a deal.

Our word? Do not do it! Your iPhone 12 Pro Max is a great phone and will offer a far superior experience than the iPhone SE can offer. And, if you want to upgrade to a smaller iPhone, you can look at the iPhone 13 Pro instead.

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