Enhanced Google Drive Search Filters Now Available on iOS

Enhanced Google Drive Search Filters Now Available on iOS

Google Drive's iOS app introduces improved search filters, enhancing file browsing and organization for users on the go.

Google Drive for iOS introduces enhanced search functionality with dropdown menus for filtering by File Type, Owners, and Last Modified. This update simplifies the search process, offering relevant filter suggestions as users type. Available to Google Workspace customers, individual subscribers, and personal Google account holders on iOS, the feature will soon extend to Android users.

This enhancement streamlines file search and browsing, particularly useful when users need to locate specific files without precise details. For instance, users can filter by file type, select a custom range for last modified dates, and refine searches based on their criteria.

This update marks a significant improvement over Google's previous filter suggestions and swipeable filters, emphasizing the effectiveness of dropdown menus in enhancing user experience.

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