iPhone 15 to get cheaper than iPhone 14; Know why

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Apple already makes its iPhones and AirPods in India, but the company plans to ship iPhone 15 models from India following its launch.

Apple will reportedly manufacture its upcoming iPhone 15 models in India and ship the devices from the country, which will be the first to market. The tech giant already makes its iPhones and AirPods in India. Still, according to details revealed by Bloomberg, Apple now plans to ship iPhone 15 models from India after the device's launch.

The latest move suggests the tech giant is gradually ramping up its production in India and diversifying its supply chain out of China. The cited source also claims that Apple has already started manufacturing cases for the "iPhone 15" in India with the help of local suppliers such as Jabil, which already assembles AirPods in the country.

It even plans to make the Apple Pencil in the near future. However, the other models, including the iPhone 15‌ Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and “iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max, will be made exclusively in China for now.

There are reports that Apple has been dealing with some quality control issues regarding some Indian suppliers, which is why the company has reportedly limited manufacturing to specific models and colour options.

Apple has been assembling iPhones in India for a long time, but the company started manufacturing the devices in the country a few months ago. According to reports, Apple was doing this primarily in China and recently moved some of its business to a different region as part of its plan to diversify from one market.

China is one of Apple's biggest manufacturing markets. Still, according to various reports, the company has realized that it should rely on more than just one market to produce its devices. Recently, violent protests broke out at Apple's Zhengzhou factory in China because workers were unhappy with their wages, allegedly sabotaging the company's production cycle. In addition, some Covid-19 restrictions in China and other issues forced the tech giant to explore different regions to avoid hampering device production.

Now that the iPhone 15 is being manufactured in India, does that mean the device will be cheaper than the iPhone 14, which is sold at the Apple Store for Rs 79,990? Apple has been producing iPhones in the country for some time now but has never really brought the phone's price down. Therefore, it is not expected to offer the latest iPhone 15 smartphone at a lower price. However, we may see some discount offers on online platforms. We will have clarity on all this in the coming months. The iPhone 15 series is expected to launch in September this year if we go by previous releases. Therefore, we are still quite far from the launch event.

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