Vehant Technologies - Enabling Smart Traffic Management System with AI and ML

Kapil Bardeja, CEO & Co FOunder- Vehant Technologies

Kapil Bardeja, CEO & Co FOunder- Vehant Technologies


Vehant Technologies smart Traffic Management System is a video-based, artificial intelligence and machine learning-powered traffic enforcement and management solution.

Mr Kapil Bardeja, the CEO & Co-Founder of Vehant Technologies, shares the current deployed Traffic Safety Management Systems across Hyderabad, Cyberabad & Rachakonda. Vehant Technologies is a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ Machine Learning (ML) based security surveillance, installing these cameras across these cities.

Traffic congestion is a critical issue in major cities due to the increased number of vehicles. This can be controlled by implementing modern technology. As our country's population is increasing daily, traffic is also growing with proportionality. Therefore, the traffic signals need good coordination for smooth traffic flow during busy hours as the traffic is at peaks. Automatic vehicle number plate identification, red light violation detection, wrong way, stolen vehicle detection, and mobile phone usage are just a few ways in which smart city authorities are planning surveillance violations, traffic, and commuters.

About Vehant Technologies

Incubated in the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Delhi in 2005, Vehant Technologies is an innovator in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning- based Physical Security, Surveillance and Traffic Monitoring & Junction Enforcement Solutions. The products are designed & developed in India; manufactured in India and Europe to meet global standards, features and quality.

Vehant Technologies current projects in Telangana

The company has recently deployed physical security screening products at various locations in Telangana. These include the Telangana High Court (XBS), the National Remote Sensing Centre, the real estate project of My Home Twitza Constructions (UVSS), T Hub logistics, Bharat Dynamic Limited (BDL) and many others. A few of the projects currently undertaken for deploying physical security screening solutions and software solutions include Aparna Club (XBS/temp screening system), NPCI, Telangana police headquarters (TPHQ) and another deployment at BDL, RLVD and SVD at various junctions at Cyberabad Police Commissionerate and Rajakunda Police Commissionerate.

Vehant's Intelligent Traffic Management System Function

Vehant's Intelligent Traffic Management System is a video-based, artificial intelligence and machine learning-powered traffic enforcement and management solution. It alerts for violations in real-time, along with a comprehensive evidence-capturing mechanism. The data is captured through cameras for speed detection and speed enforcement. The system works on an intuitive and user-friendly interface/UX, and confidentiality and integrity are maintained through data security.

The product range for traffic management and enforcement includes Traffic Monitoring System, Traffic Enforcement System, Red Light Violation Detection System, Radar Based Speed Violation Detection System, Wrong way Detection System, No Helmet Violation Detection System and Triple Riding Violation Detection System. These solutions consolidate Vehant's product portfolio for smart and safe city solutions.

Vehant's products curb traffic congestion and violations

Vehant's products address the issue of traffic congestion by monitoring the traffic through surveillance cameras. The solutions offer vehicle count and occupancy on roads. Traffic at intersections and junctions is controlled through intelligent vehicle detectors and vehicle counting system. The vehicle detection solution works precisely in the heterogeneous vehicle-type environment, including two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles. The solution captures images and analyses traffic density based on vehicle count and zone occupancy information. The solution further offers deep insights into traffic congestion, thus helping the authorities in decision-making for controlling stoppage time at junctions and allowing vehicles to move smoothly and thus letting the junction traffic flow seamlessly. Furthermore, vehicles moving in the wrong way (like one-way lanes) are identified through a video-based wrong-way detection system.

The red-light and speed violation detection systems further help control traffic violations. Solutions for detecting the violations of not wearing a helmet or triple riding on two-wheeler vehicles are also offered. TrafficMon® is an AI-based Intelligent Traffic Enforcement System that instantly calculates a moving vehicle's speed by analysing time. The system can read up to 200km/hr with high accuracy and offers real-time alerts for violations.

Mr Kapil Bardeja concluded the interview by sharing his plans for the Telangana region. He said, "Vehant intends to approach more Commissionerate to deploy physical and software solutions across Telangana, covering all major cities of the state."

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