WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp to Add Custom Chat Filter and Privacy Feature

WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp to Add Custom Chat Filter and Privacy Feature

WhatsApp is set to introduce a custom chat filter for prioritizing important chats and a privacy feature against profile photo screenshots.

WhatsApp users often struggle to manage cluttered chat feeds, missing out on important conversations amid spam messages. While the app offers a pinning feature for favourite chats, its limitation to just three contacts poses challenges in effectively organizing crucial discussions. To address this issue, WhatsApp is reportedly developing a custom chat filter feature to streamline access to essential chats.

Spotted in the latest TestFlight beta update by Wabetainfo, this new feature extends the capability to mark favourite contacts. Users will soon be able to filter their chats based on favourite contacts, ensuring easy access to priority conversations. Notably, this feature will synchronize across WhatsApp Web, enhancing user experience across multiple devices.

Moreover, this feature aligns with WhatsApp's initiative to streamline the user experience, complementing the ability to initiate calls with favourite contacts directly from the calls tab. However, both features are still in development and await beta testing before a full public release.

In tandem with user-centric developments, WhatsApp is also enhancing privacy measures. A new feature in testing aims to prevent users from taking screenshots of other users' profile photos, mitigating the risk of impersonation and harassment. Upon attempting to screenshot a profile photo, users will receive a notification indicating app restrictions, safeguarding user privacy.

Although this feature won't deter users from taking photos using alternate devices, it serves as a proactive measure against misuse of profile photos. Expected to roll out to all users soon, it reinforces WhatsApp's commitment to user privacy, building upon previous initiatives to disable profile photo downloads.

This endeavour reflects WhatsApp's ongoing efforts to combat misinformation and enhance user security. With a dedicated chat filter and privacy feature in the pipeline, WhatsApp aims to elevate user experience while prioritizing privacy and security concerns.

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