50L people availing 2K pensions, says Minister Niranjan Reddy

50L people availing 2K pensions, says Minister Niranjan Reddy

Agriculture Minister Singireddy Niranjan Reddy speaking at a programme on Sunday


Slams opposition parties for leveling allegations against government

Wanaparthy: Highlighting that Telangana government is providing Rs 2000 pension to 50 lakh people, Agriculture Minister Singireddy Niranjan Reddy reiterated that TRS government is committed for the welfare and development of all sections of people in the State.

Slamming the allegations leveled by opposition parties and members of recently formed parties who are on their Yatras in Wanaparthy and Nagarkurnool districts, Mahabubnagar district, the Agriculture Minister who took part as chief guest to distribute Aasara pensions cards to new members in Gopalpet mandal on Saturday, said earlier governments in erstwhile Andhra Pradesh were giving only Rs 200 pensions to a few handful old aged people were above 60 years of age and if anyone wants to get new pensions, it would be possible only when someone who is already receiving it, is dead. But today, in the new State of Telangana more than 50 lakh people are getting a pension of Rs 2000 every month.

"In addition to the earlier pensions we have provided another 10 lakh new pensions to all those people who have attained 57 years of age in the state. It is laughable that a few opposing leaders who are on their Yatras in the State, with their rented men are leveling baseless allegations against the TS government and Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao, just for gaining politically," said the Agriculture Minister.

He criticised that some leaders of newly formed parties, who have looted lakhs of crores of money in other States are now touring the Telangana with their rented men who sprinkling flowers for rent with illegal money stolen from across the border.

Highlighting the achievement in the Irrigation sector in Telangana, the he said that ever since the formation of new State of Telangana, Chief Minister KCR has been struggling hard to ensure each and every acre of land in Telangana gets irrigation water. In pursuance to this effort, the state government had succeeded in irrigating more than 80 lakh acres in the state.

Not able to digest the development and remarkable achievements of TRS party and its government in the state, some forces in the country are trying to mislead the people by spewing venom on the Telangana government. But the Telangana people are wise, and they know who is doing what and when time comes they will give a befitting response to those distracters of Telangana development, observed the minister.

Slamming against TSYSRCP party leader Sharmila, the Agriculture Minister said that unmindful of various developments and welfare programmes being implemented in Telangana, Sharmila is behaving with pride and leveling allegations against those who are working for the development of Telangana. He warned Sharmila that, if she levels personal allegations, then he will also not keep quiet and reveal how the YSR family has amassed illegal assets during their father's regime and with that money, she is doing yatras to mislead the people of Telangana. The minister challenged TSYSRCP leader, if she is really worried about Telangana people then come and fight elections in Munugodu and show up her strength instead of unnecessarily throwing mud on Telangana leaders.

Highlighting his achievements, the Agriculture minister said during his regime, Wanaparthy has got irrigation water to one lakh acres, about 1331 people in Gopalpet mandal alone are getting Rs. 1.1664 crore pensions per month. He said under Rythu Bhandu, more than 65 lakh farmers 92.5 per cent who are small and medium farmers are getting Rs. 7000 crores input capital per one installment in a year.

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