Brahmotsavam Jatara draws multitudes of devotees

Sri Laxm Chennakeshava Swamy Temple at Gangapur wears a festive look as part of the Brahmmostavam and Jatara

Sri Laxm Chennakeshava Swamy Temple at Gangapur wears a festive look as part of the Brahmmostavam and Jatara


More than 30,000 pilgrims from over 300 villages visit daily to witness the festivities, which commenced on February 17 and will feature various programmes for five-six days

Mahabubnagar: The Laxmi Chennakeshava Brahmostavam at Gangapur village in Jadcherla Mandal has ignited devotional fervour for the past few days, as throngs of people gather at the temple precincts to offer prayers and catch a glimpse of the revered deity.

Gangapuram holds distinction for its Lord Chenna Kesava Swamy temple. Devotees from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, and distant locales flock here to seek blessings and pay homage to the residing deity. The temple authorities inform that the festivities, which commenced on February 17, will feature various programmes over the next five to six days.

During the festive period spanning 10-15 days, beginning from the third week of February, more than 30,000 pilgrims visit daily from over 300 villages in Jadcherla, Balanagar, Midjil, and Mahabubnagar mandals. Additionally, devotees from Kalwakurthy, Veldanda, Timmajipet, Bijinepally, Nagarkurnrool, and as far as Achampet, flock here to offer prayers.

“We visit the temple with our family, friends, and relatives every year during Brahmmostvam to seek the darshan of Chennakeshava Swamy. This year, the rush is overwhelming. We had to wait for one to two hours in queues for darshan. Unlike before, elaborate arrangements have been made for devotees, and we are pleased with the developments in the temple premises to facilitate devotees,” remarks Heerya Saraswathi, a devotee. According to the temple authorities, references to the Chennakeshava Swamy temple date back to the Skandha Purana. Situated approximately 5 km from Jadcherla on the Kalwakurthy highway, Gangapur village becomes a pilgrimage hub during the Brahmmosva festivities, attracting lakhs of devotees annually.

Historically, Gangapuram gained prominence during the reign of the Chalukya kings of Badami. It was during the rule of Chalukya King of Kalyani, Sri Thrailokya Malla Someswarudu (1042 AD to 1063 AD), that the Kesava Swamy temple was constructed, leading to the area being named Kesavapuram.

Gangapuram has borne various names in the past, including Mayapuram, Mathsyapuram, and Dhurithapuram. The primary deity of this temple, Sri Kesava Swamy, and the intricate sculptures of animals and dancing figures within depict the rich cultural heritage of Hinduism, captivating the devotees.

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