Dhanapur Express: The Train Split Into Two And Got Separated From The Engine

Dhanapur Express

Dhanapur Express


Generally, we witness such incidents only in the movies

Generally, we witness such incidents only in the movies… The train getting separated from the engine or the antagonist separating the 'Bhogis', such shocking incidents happen rarely in the real lives but today, one of the running trains split in two on the tracks. With this, all the passengers were in a state of panic. The incident took place in the Janagama district.

The express train running on the tracks split in two. The passengers were shocked. 2791 Danapur Express from Secunderabad to Danapur departed from Secunderabad station. After crossing the railway gate at Ghanpur station, the link between the engine and the bogie suddenly broke. This caused the engine to detach from the bogie and go about 250 meters.

The passengers inside were in a state of panic. However, the railway station staff immediately noticed this and fixed the situation. The engine bogies were re-linked and the train was sent back to normal. With this shocking incident, the train stopped at Ghanpur station for almost half an hour. The train stopped at the railway gate for about 28 minutes from 10:54 am to 11:22 am. After that when the repairs were complete the train departed and everything breathed a sigh of relief.

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