Doctors, diagnostic labs fleece patients amid dengue scare

Doctors, diagnostic labs fleece patients amid dengue scare
Patient Bangaru Raju Kumar

Patients in Nizamabad district are being robbed by private hospitals in the name of dengue.

Nizamabad: Patients in Nizamabad district are being robbed by private hospitals in the name of dengue. There are allegations that some diagnostic centers, pathological labs, and private doctors have formed a syndicate and exploiting the patients who approach them.

The doctors send their patients to the diagnostic centres which give a false report of the tests causing huge losses and mental agony to the patients and relatives. A teenager named Bangaru Raj Kumar from Mopal mandal headquarters in Nizamabad district was suffering from fever and vomiting.

Relatives brought him to Nizamabad Pragati Hospital for treatment. Bhangari Raju admitted as inpatient in the hospital. Blood tests were also conducted at the hospital's affiliated Ganga Lab on the advice of the doctors.

With the false report of platelet counts by the lab administrators and hospital sources, the patient relatives started worrying. Victims claimed that false reports are created in the first time- 65000, the second time- 42000 and the third time- 20000. The parents, however, were worried about their son's health. One of his relatives from Warangal advised him to do a cross-check in another lab.

With this, a platelet counting test was conducted at Dr Suman Kumar's Shylaja Lab in the city's Khalilwadi. However, when the examination was conducted it was reported that the patient had 1,53,000 platelets.

However, the report in the Ganga Lab showed that fewer platelets were shown in the stylized lab and that the number count of platelets carried out in the stylized lab was repeatedly tested. His blood showed 1,53,000 platelets.

All the suspected victims and family members had once again performed a blood test in the Ganga Lab at Pragathi Hospital. Then Ganga Lab reported that they had 18,000 platelets.

The outraged family members protested that they were being deceived by giving false reports. Patients' relatives are demanding the authorities to take stringent action against Ganga Lab which is giving false reports.

Relatives of the patient said that they would complain to the Health Minister Eatala Rajender, Collector, Medical Health Department officials and Police Commissioner.

However, the said lab at the hospital gives its report under the name of Ganga Lab.

There is no signboard called Ganga Lab. The lab continues to be in the hospital. Officials are silent as they're taking bribes. People have expressed outrage over the negligence of medical health officials.

The hospital has nothing to do with the affair, claiming that Ganga Lab administrators are simply misleading the public by providing false reports. Bangaru Raju Kumar, who is perfectly healthy, suffered from mental anguish. This is not the only Bhangaru Raju's story. Local people said that many doctors are looting their patients by giving a false diagnosis in connivance with pathology labs in the city.

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