Hyderabad: Techies lead the way in community service

Hyderabad: Techies lead the way in community service

  • Help police in managing traffic during peak hours in IT corridor
  • Volunteers spend 2-3 hours after duty in controlling traffic and creating awareness


Hyderabad: Cyberabad police along with software engineers launched Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) for enhancing safety and security aspects in the IT corridor. Cyberabad Commissioner of Police and SCSC Chairman VC Sajjanar, who has been motivating the techies to join hands with the police department for the social cause, said, "It is a great initiative that the volunteers are working shoulder to shoulder with us, especially with traffic police during peak hours. These passionate volunteers also helped Covid control room activities in the last 75 days of lockdown and participated in relief activities like distribution of food, groceries, taking calls, as well as blood donation, etc. We are fortunate to have a group like this who jump into action for any kind of service," said Sajjanar.

"Earlier, even I used to break traffic rules, now with volunteering experience taught me how essential the rules are. I have been volunteering for two to three hours after the office hours at various junctions in IT corridor for the last two years. In the beginning my wife opposed my volunteering but after I showed her live accident videos, she understood the importance of road safety awareness," said Raj Shekar Reddy, one of the SCSC volunteers.

Recalling her experience as SCSC traffic volunteer, Sukanya Royal, employee of Infor private Ltd, says, in three months I witnessed 10,000 traffic violations at Biodiversity and Wipro Junction. Initially, I struggled to control the traffic as the commuters opposed me for not being an official traffic employee, but I never lost hope and made them understand that even women can perform all these activities. With the help of the public announcement system I tried to create awareness in public. Now after 5 years of volunteering, even in my absence they just follow traffic rules. My family opposed my volunteering, but after seeing my sincerity they started supporting me. As my office starts late noon I used to manage traffic at Wipro circle daily from 8:30 to 11.30 am. Whenever, I see cops struggling during peak hours anywhere in the city, I wear my life jacket and join hands with the traffic officials to manage the traffic.

"In my 6 years of traffic volunteering, I got an opportunity to save the life of a two-wheeler rider who met with an accident at Hi-Tec Crossroads and immediately with help of other traffic officials shifted him to a nearby hospital. Also, with help GHMC, we could align the roads. Here I give two hours after my busy 8-hour schedule," said Ramanjeet Singh, a SCSC volunteers.

Gloria Shignapure, Legal Manager at ISB , one of SCSC volunteers, says I visit various women hostels and spread awareness about Hygiene in IT corridors. When women call me and say how our awareness campaign and motivation has helped them to cope up with several issues, it gives me an immense pleasure that I could do something for the society.

Explaining about an incident, Sai Teja, one of SCSC volunteers for the past two years, said, "On December 31 with the help of traffic officials we caught some motorists for drunken driving, It took nearly 2 hours to counsel them, and later with the help of the volunteers we dropped them at their houses.

About SCSC

The SCSC formed in 2006 through a joint collaboration between Cyberabad Police and IT companies, and to improve infrastructure, security and road safety in the IT corridor. The Traffic volunteers' initiative began in 2014. Interested person can join the SCSC through the personal website https// cyberabad

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