Modi, KCR in secret pact: RaGa

Modi, KCR in secret pact: RaGa
Congress president Rahul Gandhi having a word with senior party leaders Uttam Kumar Reddy and K Jana Reddy at an election meeting in Huzurnagar on Monday

‘It’s a deceiving game that they criticise each other’

Zaheerabad/ Wanaparthy/ Huzurnagar: AICC president Rahul Gandhi called upon the people to decide whether they want leaders like Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao who are into secret pact and support each other but accuse each other in public or a party which was committed for welfare and development.

Addressing the three public meetings in Telangana on Monday, Rahul Gandhi said KCR and Modi were similar in their attitude.

They try to benefit few people and in return the 'beneficiaries' invest in the 'markets' of KCR and Modi. They would give bribes to Modi and KCR by spending part of their ill-gotten money.

Modi has come to power stating that he would be chowkidar (watchman) of the country but ended up as chor (thief). On the other hand, the Congress party if voted to power would give 33 per cent reservation to women in Parliament and Assembly and would empower them politically and economically.

The Congress would transfer money into the accounts of women which they would be free to utilise for small business or to buy anything they like whether it be a cell phone, clothes, shoes or tools for their work.

He promised to re-open the closed mills so that real 'make in India' can be ushered in. It will also help the local youth to get jobs in these factories. On one side was a bundle of lies which people had seen for the last five years and on the other side is truth. It is time now to choose what they want, he said.

The Congress party would do away with the permission system for three years so that the youth can start business and stabilise them. To help farmers, Congress party will ensure that the food processing units would be established near to the agriculture fields.

Cold storage facilities would be created, and MSP would be provided. The turmeric, tomato and other farmers would get benefit. Referring to his pet scheme NYAY, Rahul said this will help in eradicating poverty in five years' time.

The handloom industry of Telangana would be helped with less GST. Sarees of Telangana were quite popular in the country. There was a question before the people of Telangana, and they must choose either TRS, BJP or Congress.

Medak district has always stood by Congress whenever the party was in crisis. He also promised to provide fluoride-free water and construct a super speciality hospital to treat people who were so far affected by fluoride.

The AICC president wondered why KCR never questioned Modi on Rafale deal. The fight in the next elections would be between Congress and Modi and not between TRS and Congress in Telangana.

Giving a vote to TRS would be supporting Narendra Modi. He said that the Prime Minister has turned into a chowkidar of 15 to 20 people of the country. The Prime Minister has been spreading hatred in the country and working for these few persons, the AICC leader said the only objective of the Congress is to remove Modi from the government.

It was the Congress which has been fighting against the BJP and RSS. The Congress has given sleepless nights to Modi and the Prime Minister fears only the Congress party.

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