On the lookout for 'Honest Politician'

Last year at the time of local elections Swathi and Vijay painted the graffiti art 'vote matters' -a wall art showing a queue of people—young and old, bored and excited—waiting to drop their vote into a toilet pot!

This year at the time of election the couple have come up with new graffiti to find honest politicians for Indian Elections 2019. About the graffiti 'MISSING- Honest Politicians' Swathi says, "This is the election time and recently Election Commission has asked the leaders to submit details of their cases at the time of nomination. Some of them have shown cases more than 10, that means we are choosing the better leaders only not the best right?"

The graffiti note says, "Persons having no information concerning this are requested to think of NOTA and report at your polling booth on 11th April 2019." Explaining this, Swathi says, "We want viewers to ask themselves before voting for any candidate 'Is this candidate honest?'. If you have even little doubt, they must not be disheartened go vote NOTA. We did this as not many people are aware about this option."

"NOTA may not make any difference now, but definitely on a day, which will be filled with the echoes of 'None of The Above'. It's to say that public are not satisfied with their rule. It's the first step to change the system. More over its our right to choose the right person without any concession to represent us," says Vijay.

They are spreading this message all over India. "We are spreading more, we started doing from NH 65 highway of Vijayawada to Hyderabad. We are now in Bangalore and will be doing here tonight. We are getting the cities 'posterised' also with same MISSING posters all over in local languages," adds Swathi.

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