Shake Off Corona Blues: A podcast that helps you keep up-to-date

Shake Off Corona Blues: A podcast that helps you keep up-to-date
Padma Priya, Co-founder of Suno India

Suno India in English and Telugu not only entertains but also updates with help of experts

Hyderabad: As people are stuck at home due to the lockdown induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, many are turning to various hobbies including painting, reading and cooking. Listening to podcasts is another option that is growing among listeners who use it to keep themselves entertained as well as informed about various issues, even as they go about their daily chores. Lockdown is giving a big boost to the fledgling industry. Amid pervasive fake news about the COVID-19 pandemic, igniting baseless fears and anxieties in people, Suno India, a multilingual and multi-generational podcast platform, shines spotlight on under-represented and under-reported topics using audio as a medium. It has started a special segment called 'The Suno India Show' on Covid-19 coverage in English and Telugu.

Padma Priya, Co-founder of Suno India, says, "Podcasts are well-researched yet personal. People can listen to these audio podcasts while doing their daily household chores. Every day we get an expert to talk about the current situation and how one can deal with it. We also have a bulletin every day for two minutes about current affairs to keep the listeners updated, and so far the response we received is excellent."

Over a span of two months, their COVID-19 English podcast has received around two lakh listeners and Telugu podcast has received 50,000 listeners.

"We are here for people who want to understand an issue without reacting. We also don't tell our listeners what to think and equip them with all the information required for them formulate an opinion. We take our time to report and tell our stories packed with the right mix of human interest stories and facts," adds Padma. Started in 2018 and operating from Hyderabad and Delhi, the founders believe their podcast is a platform for issues that should matter. They also believe that there is an urgent need to give a platform to issues that are often sidelined as inconvenient, irrelevant, or are simply invisible; that's what sets us apart from others.

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