Sircilla Collector's kind gesture

Sircilla Collectors kind gesture
District Collector D Krishna Bhaskar along with Aluku Chandu

Sircilla Collector D Krishna Bhaskar admits a school dropout in Gurukul Residential School at Chandrampet.

Opens a fixed deposit in MEO’s name for Chandu’s educational needs.

Sircilla: In a kind gesture, District Collector D Krishna Bhaskar extended a helping hand to a 14-year-old school dropout, who has been working as a labourer after his father's death. On Wednesday, he gave the boy financial aid of Rs 50,000 and admitted him in Gurukul Residential School at Chandrampet town.

As part of 30-day action plan, Collector Krishna Bhaskar visited Thallapalli village of Ellantakunta mandal on Monday (September 23) and noticed Aluku Chandu (14), a dropout student of 7th class and working as a labourer.

The Collector asked the boy about the reasons for discontinuing studies. Chandu told the Collector that he lost his father when he was studying

7th class and he cannot continue his studies due to his family's economic condition. So, along with his mother, he has been working as a labourer for livelihood.

Collector Krishna Bhaskar called the DEO and confirmed the details of Chandu and asked the Mandal Education Officer to bring the boy to his chamber at the Collectorate. As per his orders, the MEO brought Aluku Chand and his mother, Swarupa, to the Collectorate in Sircilla on Wednesday.

The Collector after talking to his mother Swarupa admitted the boy in Chandrampet Gurukul Residential School and asked the DRO to open a fixed deposit with Rs 50,000 in the name of MEO for Chandu's educational needs. The Collector instructed the MEO to spend the money for Chandu's educational needs and advised the dropout student Aluku Chandu to focus on studies to brighten his future.

Receiving the orders from the Collector, District Revenue Officer Khimya Nayak deposited the amount in the name of MEO and handed over the cheque to Aluku Chandu and his mother.

Chandu's mother thanked District Collector D Krishna Bhaskar for his help, getting his son admitted in Gurukul School and for providing financial aid for his bright future.

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