Varied drone uses: From search & rescue to medical deliveries, medical relief in the air at Hyderabad

Hyderabad: If everything goes according to plan, delivery of medicines through drones could become a reality. Hyderabad-based startup -Marut Drone - has come up with a drone with a capacity payload of 20 kg with a 40 km range that can deliver medicines in 20 minutes.

Prem Kumar Vislawath, the founder and CEO of Marut Drone Private Limited, said, "We held a demonstration at the recently concluded Wings India 2020 Global Aviation summit. The drone took 8 minutes to traverse a distance of 12 km. 3 kg payload was tested."

One can supply diagnostic samples, medicine, organs and other necessary health care products that could be transported quickly and efficiently. This could be of great help in rural areas and places where natural calamities happen. Presently in China, Terra Drone company is helping citizens to fight the spread of Coronavirus, by making use of medical drone services.

This drone would be operated with the help of an app -Marut Drone - that can be downloaded from Google. The delivery works on a hub-and-spoke model. When the team gets a message on the inventory needed, it will be loaded at the central hub and the drone will take take off, after regular pre-flight tests and checks of wind conditions, audio pilot systems, and GPS trackers. The coordinates are fed into the systems and the health examiner picks up the vials at the drop-off point.

How the app works

Choose your preferred medical goods you would like to be delivered

Click on delivery information and enter particular location or hospital you would like to deliver to

QR code and OTP for authentication purpose would be sent to the customer to ensure accuracy

Once your order has been placed and then it would be delivered to location as per your request and once it reaches its destination the person would receive a call and the location of the drone could be traced

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