AP student receives doctorate in Astrophysics from UMKC University, America




A student from Andhra Pradesh receives a doctorate in Astrophysics for his successful research. American University presents a gold medal.

The student from the Sileru of Andhra Pradesh state has excelled in showcasing his talent in astronomical research in America and has gained special recognition making Telugu land proud. Bhardwaj, son of AP Genco Assistant Executive Engineer Kameshwar Sharma in Sileru of Visakhapatnam District has completed his primary education in Hyderabad and did his intermediate in Vijayawada corporate college and B.Tech (ECE) KL University. In 2014, he went to America for higher studies.

Bhardwaj won first place in the qualifying examination held at UMKC there and was selected for research. He has been doing scientific research for seven years since then. Bhardwaj researched the order in which galaxies collide in the universe. The university awarded him a doctorate in recognition of his extraordinary research in astrophysics. Bhardwaj's parents spoke to the media on Monday about the recognition that came to their son's research.

They said Bhardwaj was the first person to receive a doctorate in astrophysics from UMKC University. They said there was a lot of encouragement from Professor Daniel McIntosh, Mark Bradwin, behind their son's work, and that he received scholarships from eight organisations during this research. "Bhardwaj is currently pursuing another research project in the United States, NASA will also provide a scholarship," his parents said.

The parents said that Bhardwaj was awarded the Gold Medal by the American Astronomical Society in 2018 in recognition of his research, and his goal is to return to India to arouse interest in physics among students in the country. Bhardwaj said that he will take inspiration from this doctorate and also do a post-doctorate.

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