Fish feeding chicken manure, waste in Nellore

Fish feeding chicken manure, waste in Nellore

Some aqua farmers feeding fish and prawns with manure of infected chickens and rotten or contaminated waste, thus posing danger to the health consumers.

Nellore: Some aqua farmers feeding fish and prawns with manure of infected chickens and rotten or contaminated waste, thus posing danger to the health consumers. Seafood that is fed with such manure contain various unhealthy bacteria which will harm the intestinal systems of those who consume it.

Consumers are now expressing fears over consumption of fish and seafood varieties on harmful effects on their health in the wake of police registering cases against some farmers for feeding unhealthy waste to fish and shrimp in their ponds.

In fact, doctors say chicken manure can pose various risks to human health as it contains salmonella bacteria and also campylobacter that seriously impacts the intestines of humans if rotten or contaminated material is fed to the fish or prawn.

Both salmonella and campylobacter, an antibiotic-resistant bacteria, intestinal parasites and residues left over from veterinary drugs are present in chicken manure which can infect the digestive systems of people. Scientists also found that toxic metals like lead, arsenic and cadmium too are present in the manure.

Recently, Buchireddypalem police conducted raids on containers that were carrying chicken manure for fishponds in the region and registered cases against the farmers. But there has been no change in their attitude and are still supplying the same feed to the culture.

The practice is rampant in Buchireddypalem, Indukurupet, Kovur and Kodavalur areas where farmers collect the chicken waste from the chicken stalls and restaurants and directly provide to the fish without any check on the status of bacteria which would affect the health of people. They have been getting the stocks from Chennai, Chittoor, Kadapa and Prakasam districts too.

"Some farmers are resorting to this to cut costs as it will cost one-fourth of normal cost of manure. This feed also result in fish growing fast with crop coming for harvest within 2.5 to 3 months as against the normal period of four to five months. People prefer size and affordability, ignoring other issues which is a boon for such unscrupulous farmers," said Dr V Rama Krishna Reddy, a retired medical officer.

Buchireddypalem circle inspect M Suresh Babu said that it is an open secret that fishponds are using the manure for growing catfish, fungus fish and other varieties. It is illegal and we are conducting raids on such farms for using the manure, he added.

The farmers who provide lands for aquaculture on rent basis are also expressing ire at such aqua farmers as using such contaminated feed will lead to pollution of tanks. There is a meat mafia in Tamil Nadu which is also providing stocks to the farms for the fast growth of the fish, they allege.

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