Naidu lambasts Jagan for 'forcing' his mother to resign from YSRCP

TDP national president N Chandrababu Naidu addressing a roadshow as part of Badude-Badudu campaign against hike in prices and taxes, in Nagari on Friday

TDP national president N Chandrababu Naidu addressing a roadshow as part of 'Badude-Badudu' campaign against hike in prices and taxes, in Nagari on Friday


  • Alleges that earlier the CM made his sister to leave the party
  • He questions where is the democracy in YSRCP
  • The TDP chief addresses roadshows under the ‘Badude-Badudu’ programme at Nagari and Karvetinagaram

Nagari (Chittoor district): TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu lambasted Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy for forcing his mother to resign as honorary president of the party. "Earlier, he made his sister leave the party and now showed the door to his mother also. Jagan wants to be the permanent president of the party. Is it democracy and is it a party? Even NTR has never had such thoughts and was elected as president once in every two years in a democratic way," he said.

Addressing the people in Badude Badudu road shows in Nagari and Karvetinagaram of Chittoor district on Friday, he found fault with the decision of including three mandals of Nagari in Chittoor district and two in Tirupati district.

"It should be part of Tirupati district only and Punganur should be in Madanapalle district. All these incorrect decisions will be corrected when TDP assumes power in the next elections," he assured. TDP Nagari in-charge Gali Bhanu Prakash, former minister N Amaranatha Reddy, Chittoor parliament president Pulivarthi Nani and others were present. Naidu said the ruling party has been conducting the plenary and what they have achieved to do so?

They did not achieve anything but atrocities, Badude-Badudu on people and anti-people policies. Even in Pulivendula, the Chief Minister could not go freely but moved amid the curtains around him. The distribution of money by pressing the buttons was bogus. To where the money was going is a puzzle, he said.

Continuing his tirade against the government, Naidu said that the people of Nagari area cross the borders to go to Tamil Nadu to fill fuel to their vehicles and to get liquor which are available at cheaper rates there. The government has even levied tax on garbage and wants to levy professional tax on each and every profession.

Recalling the government failures, he said that rats drank liquor in the State while honey bees have burnt the chariot. Similarly, a squirrel disturbed the high-tension power cable due to which five persons were charred to death. "The government has been showing fingers towards me for every failure. Even if the wife and husband did not have family life, they may say that I am responsible," he commented. He called Jagan's governance as reverse driving through which he may push all the people into the Bay of Bengal. By closing down almost 10,000 schools in the State, he made little children walk 3-5 km under difficult circumstances to go to the schools. Two children in the same family have to go to two different schools with this foolish merger policy.

To fight against the atrocious rule of the government, at least one person from each family should come out and revolt against the government. Youth should take the lead to defeat YSRCP with the slogan 'Quit Jagan' to ensure that they have a bright future. Naidu asked the farmers to vehemently oppose the fixing of meters to agri-motors. Even if they are fixed, the TDP government will remove them for sure. He assured pollution free Nagari after the TDP comes back to power and if necessary Nano technology will be used for this. Also, a textile park will be set up at Nagari.

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