New biosecurity, biosafety systems in offing: Be prepared

New biosecurity, biosafety systems in offing: Be prepared
Bio Safety

2001 September 11 is the most crucial date across the globe as far as security checks are concerned. it was the date when iconic WTO towers of New York were demolished.

2001 September 11 is the most crucial date across the globe as far as security checks are concerned. it was the date when iconic WTO towers of New York were demolished. it led to many developments including wars and security checks in airports and other public places. Before September 11 attacks there were not many checks, metal detectors at airports, Now came coronavirus scare... what type of checks may take place?

♦ Thermal screening will become mandatory in all international airports to screen passengers

♦ Tunnels can be built to detect virus in the humans. if a person is detected positive for deadly virus, that person will not be allowed to board the flight irrespective of him having passport or visa

♦ The bio tunnels will remove the virus on the clothes of the passenger or outer part , it is removed automatically. it means the person is sanitised before boarding a flight.

♦ When a traveler or a customer enters the tunnel, he is forced to sneeze or cough, if there are any harmful virus coming out of that person, red bulb flashes. there will be no entry for such a person.

♦ Immune passports will be issue in coming days. It's a declaration that such particular person does not contain any deadly virus and such a man is declared safe.

♦ DNA based identification cards will be issued.

♦ Virus killing robots will be set up at public places like airports, bus terminals to disinfect and sanitise.

♦ Alcohol bases sanitisers are given for every person who enter a bus, train, flight, any public place.

♦ Infrared thermometers greet all international passengers arriving at Indian airports.

♦ All the airports, metros an embassy will go into automation mode.

♦ As the world changes, new security checks will take place. People must adopt the new measures. People need to bear certain restrictions to face new challenges.

Future wars through virus only?

It's a wake-up call

So far we have seen First and Second world wars. the second world war is more devastating than first one due to the development of technology and chemical weapons like atom bombs. how will be the third world war? there won't be any third world war - frankly speaking there won't be any direct wars in future. Wars through virus or any other deadly creatures only. The transferors can be birds, fish or any mammals. the Nations need to be careful or the whole humanity is at risk.

♦ Novel coronavirus kind of viruses can be released in future . its difficult to find which country releases it

♦ Future wars are all indirect only for hegemony on business and economy. its will be economic imperialism

♦ Some countries may use birds, fish and mammals for transmission of virus

♦ Biological warfare or germ warfare will take place – it's the use of biological toxins or infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses, insects, and fungi with the intent to kill or incapacitate humans, animals or plants as an act of war. this is the threat for whole humanity.

♦ The list of diseases that have jumped from animals to humans ('zoonotic diseases') includes HIV, Ebola, Zika, Hendra, SARS, MERS and bird flu, Covid-19. these viruses cannot be harmful to animals but deadly to humans.

These indirect wars of germs, toxic chemicals are more dangerous than the wars with guns and bombs. the technology must be useful for the welfare of the human beings not for the destruction of them. Save nature and save humans.

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