A role, every actor would want to do

Rupali Ganguly with Sudhanshu Pandey in Anupamaa

Rupali Ganguly with Sudhanshu Pandey in 'Anupamaa'


Rupali Ganguly finally gives a comeback on the small screen with the character of 'Anupamaa' who at 40 plus years of age gets to do everything a heroine does

Rupali Ganguly has done a wide range of roles in her acting career so far on television. In serials like Sanjivani, "Sukanya", "Bhabhi", "Kahani ghar ghar kii", "Sarabhai vs Sarabhai" and more. She took a break and is now back on the small screen with "Anupamaa" being telecast on Star Plus. This serial is quite popular on television.

Rupali believes that no other role would be better than that of Anupamaa to come back with.

She shares, "Anupamaa is a role that any actor would want to do. Why wouldn't I choose Anupama? Any actor would definitely jump at a role and an opportunity like this where at. I get to do emotions, I get to do fun moments, I get to do family drama, I get to dance. I get to do just about everything, romance. Everything and the emotions are written so well and woven into the basic story of Anupamaa. At one point of time I was doing about four shows. I was the lead in all of them. I was going from one set to another. I would come home, have a bath and run again to the shoot. Not that I regret anything. You do miss out on such things in life when you are pursuing something."

She missed out on spending time with her father though he was hospitalised most of the time and spent time with him there.

"I didn't want that to happen when my child was born. There is no point in having a child if you want the help to look after it – at least in the initial years where the child realises the importance of parents specially the mother to be there. I always had my mother around as she was a housewife. So, that was the basic condition. I really loved to spend time with my son. It didn't mean I kept away from acting. I did two plays to satisfy the acting bug. But I made sure I was home for my son no matter where my shows were. I wasn't prepared to take up something like "Anupamaa" which requires complete dedication and a lot of time. My husband said you have to see yourself as an actor too," adds Rupali.

'Anupamaa' is completely modern but quintessentially a very traditional woman with integrity and self respect. She has tremendous love for the family. She has her integrity, honesty and child-likeness. There are so many layers to her character. It's all done by the writers and the creator of the show Rajan Shahi. All that Rupali has to do is go to the set, put on make-up and go there and act.

Share about her getting the role, she says, "I just walked into it. I was attending a wedding in Goa on February 24 and on 25 I came to the shoot. There was not much time to think. There are certain characters that you are destined to do and I was probably destined to do Anupamaa. I enjoy this character. The best part is all the actors are like a gang. After Sarabhai this is the set I find the comfort zone. It is so reassuring to go back on the set and find people who believe in having fun. If the emotions are coming out well, it is also because of the fine bonding between us."

For Rupali, Anupama is a dream role that she portrayed.

"I am overwhelmed with the kind of messages that I get, the response that I get. When people call me Anupamaa I am shocked. Recently I went to Lokhandwala market wearing a mask and with no make-up. Suddenly I heard someone call me Anupamaa! How did you know? The person said I saw you get down from the car," ends Rupali.

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