Bigg Boss Season 5 Episode 37 Highlights

Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu

Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu


The episode started with Shannu, Siri, and Jessie bitching about Sreeram

The episode started with Shannu, Siri, and Jessie bitching about Sreeram. Shannu asked Siri to prepare some strong points to nominate Sreeram. Kajal, Sunny, and Maanas are seen talking about nominations. The new day started with the housemates dancing to "Naluguriki" song. Priyanka and Maanas gets into a slight argument and the former cried.

Priya and Viswa are seen talking about the things a ration manager has to do. Priya said that Viswa has to eat only after everyone in the house eats. Bigg Boss started the nominations task. Sunny nominated Ravi and Jessie. Sunny and Jessie get into an argument. Viswa nominated Anne and Priyanka. Anne screamed at Anne. Swetha nominated Siri and Kajal and got into an argument with both.

Lobo nominated Priyanka and Jessie. Siri nominated Sreeram and Swetha. Ravi nominated Maanas and Siri. Jessie nominated Sreeram and Sunny. Priyanka nominated Lobo and Viswa and spoke rashly to them. Maanas nominated Ravi and Sunny. Anne nominated Shannu and Viswa. Anne mimicked Viswa and screamed at him.

Sreeram nominated Siri and Shannu. The trio got into an argument. Kajal nominated Sreeram and Swetha. Shannu nominated Sreeram and Lobo. Priya nominated Viswa and the duo got into an argument. Priya also nominated Sunny. Bigg Boss announces that Shanmukh, Priyanka, Lobo, Sreeram, Ravi, Siri, Viswa, Sunny, Swetha and Jessie are in nominations this week.

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