Bigg Boss Season 5 Episode 9 Highlights

Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu

Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu


The episode started with the housemates dancing to 'Nee Dookudu' song.

The episode started with the housemates dancing to 'Nee Dookudu' song. Swetha and Manas are talking about the housemates who are backbitching about others. While talking to Kajal, Jassie claimed that he wanted to flirt with Swetha as he likes her attitude but she doesn't understand it. Uma and Lobo get into an argument regarding cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. Bigg Boss started the nominations.

The housemates got divided into two teams. Manas, Sunny, Kajal, Swetha, Lahari, Ravi, Nataraj, Jassi, and Uma are one team and the rest are another team. They have a paintbox with red paint. The housemate should pick two housemates from the other team and put paint on their faces. The captain of the house Siri nominated Uma and Nataraj. Nataraj nominated Priya and Priyanka. Anee nominated Uma and Kajal. Sunny nominated Priya and Priyanka. Priyanka nominated Nataraj and Sunny. Manas nominated Lobo and Priya.

Viswa nominated Uma about the food. Uma said that she cannot share her curry as Nagarjuna himself said so and used abusive words. Viswa nominated Kajal as well. Lahari nominated Hamida and Anee. Hamida nominated Lahari and Swetha. Uma nominated Anee and screamed at her and used some bad words as well. Uma nominated Viswa too. Uma said that some are scared of me and Anee claimed that it is respect. Uma screamed at her saying that she doesn't want respect. Lobo nominated Swetha and Ravi.

Swetha threw the friendship band and claimed that Lobo is playing a safe game and he is a fake person and always backbitches other people. She screamed that Hamida is also a fake person and said that fake people should stay away from her. Swetha cried and yelled at Uma for screaming at Anee when she has been very supportive of her and asked where is the humanity. She said that Hamida nominating her is also bullshit and took the paint in her hand and slammed her hand on Hamida's face and Lobo. Siri immediately reacts and takes Hamida to the washroom. The housemates also take Lobo into the bathroom and washed his face. Hamida cries saying that Swetha actually hit her.

Priya asked how she can be talking about others humanity and behave in such a rude way to Hamida. Swetha apologizes to Hamida claiming that it was too tough for her to see someone disrespecting Anee as she is like a mother to her. Hamida doesn't react. Shannu nominated Uma and Jassi. Kajal nominated Anee and Viswa. Priya nominated Sunny and Nataraj. Jassi nominated Sreerama Chandra and Lobo. Sreerama Chandra nominated Nataraj and Kajal. Ravi nominated Priyanka and Sreerama Chandra. Uma, Nataraj, Kajal, Lobo, Priyanka, Anee, and Priya are in nominations.

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