Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Saturday Episode Highlights: Shani Gets Eliminated From The House

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Saturday Episode Highlights: Shani Gets Eliminated From The House

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Saturday Episode Highlights: Shani Gets Eliminated From The House


  • Shani got evicted from the house on Saturday itself as he was tagged as the 'Worst Performer' by the remaining contestants!
  • Host Nagarjuna lost his cool and took a class to each and every contestant pointing out their weak elements!

The weekend hungama already started in the Bigg Boss house… But as expected this time the host Nagarjuna was not at all cool as he was not satisfied with the performances of the 21 contestants. He made his entry with a modish appeal but at the starting of the episode itself, he highlighted the minus points of the contestants. Well, the biggest twist for the week is the double elimination and on Saturday itself Shani got evicted from the house. So, let's see the highlights of this episode…

At the beginning itself, the host Nagarjuna separated Baladitya, Shani, Sudeepa, Vasanthi, Sri Satya, Marina Rohit, Abhinaya, Keerthi and Srihan from the rest of the contestants. Then, he started pointing out the good and bad elements of the remaining contestants starting with Faima. He questioned her why did she cheat Revanth? Although she tried to give an explanation, Nag was not satisfied and said that Revanth made her win even though she cheated him. He also said that she didn't give her 100% this week in the game.

Next in the line is Chanti, Nag said that his comedy is fine and asked him why didn't he take the captaincy challenge serious and warned him to play the game or else he will be out of the house.

Thereafter he called out RJ Surya and asked him that you do a lot of work outside but why are you chilling here?

Next comes singer Revanth… First, he praised him for controlling his anger but asked him to stop correcting everyone in the house.

Then he asked Neha did she give her 100% in the game being a sports person. But she said that due to her pain she couldn't move fast in the game.

Then he also said to Arohi that he will only score her 50 marks out of 100 although she scored herself 70. He asked her to use her brain and stop targeting Arjun.

Here comes Geethu Royal… She is only the person who was appreciated by the host. He gave her full marks and asked her to play in the same way.

He also advised Inaya to play the game and don't think about support. Finally, he also took a class to new captain Raj as he begged everyone to him a chance for this week. Nag said that one should become a captain with their game not with self-sympathy.

Then, he turned his side to the nine people who are made to stand behind the sofa. He started off with Kirti and said that she should come out of her pain and start playing the game to win her life. He said, "You haven't played anything this week."

Next, he said Sri Satya had nothing to do this week as she also didn't take the game seriously by stating that she is not ready to take the captaincy this week in the starting itself. Her concentration was only on the meal than the toy! He asked her to take the game seriously and warned her!

Next comes power couple Marina Rohit… Nagarjuna asked them to play together and put out their strategies without worrying about the housemates' comments as they came with dual power and are not using it!

In the same way, he also scolded Srihan and asked him to concentrate on the game rather than wasting the time concentrating on his looks.

Even boss lady Abhinaya is also scolded by Nagarjuna… He asked her whether it's the right way to be in the house and that too after stating it as her second innings.

He asked Shani why he stepped into the house. Is it to sleep, eat and enjoy? He asked him to stop being too good and play the game by raising his voice. He also asked him why he stopped playing the game in the middle even though other contestants are continuing it.

Nag also warned Vasanti to play the game instead of sitting quietly in the house.

Finally, he also scolded Bala Aditya and asked him to stop being good to the contestants and asked him to do only his work rather than helping others.

So, he asked the remaining contestants to vote for the worst performer of the week from these nine and said that one will be out from the show who bags the maximum votes. Shani, Vasanti and Sri Satya got 3 votes each but Nagarjuna evicted Shani saying that even the audience's decision is the same.

Shani was not even shown to the other contestants… He met Nagarjuna on the stage and bid him goodbye! But the small colourful element of the episode is Nagarjuna inviting his wife Amala who essayed a prominent role in Sharwanand's Oke Oka Jeevitham movie.

Sharwanand and Amala spoke about their movie and shared a few elements of the film with the audience on the stage!

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