Did Surya's ‘Kanguva’ Secure a Rs. 25 Crore Deal for Telugu Theatrical Rights?

Did Suryas ‘Kanguva’ Secure a Rs. 25 Crore Deal for Telugu Theatrical Rights?

Surya's ‘Kanguva’ reportedly secures a Rs. 25 crore deal for Telugu theatrical rights, highlighting his growing popularity and the film's high anticipation in the Telugu market.

Suriya, a prominent name in the Tamil film industry, has carved a significant niche for himself among Telugu audiences. All his movies are released in Telugu, catering to a substantial market in the region.

Surya's upcoming movie, ‘Kanguva,’ directed by Siva, is creating waves in the industry. Touted as the biggest budget movie in Kollywood, ‘Kanguva’ is being made with a staggering budget of over Rs. 350 crores. Siva, known for his successful Telugu films like ‘Shauryam,’ ‘Shankham,’ and ‘Daruvu,’ is helming this grand project.

The pre-look posters and glimpses have already generated epic levels of anticipation, and the recently released teaser has further heightened excitement. The Hollywood-level visuals are particularly noteworthy, showcasing the film's high production values.

The production of ‘Kanguva’ commenced less than a year ago and is progressing at a brisk pace. Efforts are being made to complete the shooting swiftly, with a planned release in the second half of this year. Meanwhile, the business deals related to this movie are becoming a hot topic.

The theatrical rights for ‘Kanguva’ in Telugu have been sold for an impressive Rs. 25 crores across the two Telugu states. This figure is significantly higher than Surya's typical market value of Rs. 10 crores in the region. The substantial deal can be attributed to Surya's brand name and the involvement of UV Creations, a renowned production house.

‘Kanguva’ revolves around a tribal warrior from 1678 who time travels to the present day with the help of a female scientist. The movie's storyline spans three time periods—past, present, and future—promising an engaging narrative that blends history and science fiction.

Trade pundits predict that ‘Kanguva’ will be a massive success, potentially becoming the first Tamil film to gross over Rs. 1000 crores. Jointly produced by UV Creations and Studio Green Banner, this periodical drama features Bollywood actress Disha Patani as the female lead. The film will be released in 3D across approximately 38 languages, ensuring a wide reach and grand reception.

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