Vishwak Sen speaks high about ‘Gaami’

Vishwak Sen speaks high about ‘Gaami’

In the world of Telugu cinema, actor Vishwak Sen is making waves with his ambitious project, 'Gaami,' also known as 'Mas Ka Das.'

In the world of Telugu cinema, actor Vishwak Sen is making waves with his ambitious project, 'Gaami,' also known as 'Mas Ka Das.' Produced by Karthik Sabreesh under Karthik's Kult Creations and directed by VidyadharKaghya, the film features Chandni Chaudhary as the female lead. Notably, 'Gaami' is a crowdfunded venture, showcasing a unique approach to filmmaking. The film has already created substantial buzz, with its release scheduled for March 8, 2024.

Speaking with Hans India, Vishwak Sen shared insights into the journey of 'Gaami' and the distinctive features that set it apart from conventional Telugu cinema. According to Vishwak Sen, the director, Vidyadhar, approached him after watching the actor's song 'Vellipomaake.' The project began with the grand vision of creating a narrative on a large canvas, a story that would unfold over five years.

Addressing the challenges and uniqueness of 'Gaami,' Vishwak Sen emphasized the film's emotional depth, dismissing the notion of commercial elements for the sake of it. He expressed the belief that emotions are the true commercial element of the film, promising an immersive experience for the audience.

Speaking about the director, Vidyadhar, Vishwak Sen commended his meticulous approach to pre-production, revealing that the director had planned extensively for three years before filming began. The actor acknowledged that the film's success was a testament to the director's dedication and the challenges faced by the entire team during the arduous five-year shoot, including adverse weather conditions.

As for his role in 'Gaami,' Vishwak Sen emphasized the film's uniqueness in terms of storytelling and making, likening it to a Christopher Nolan film on an international scale. He underscored the film's focus on emotion, drawing parallels to successful blockbusters that prioritize storytelling over commercial elements.

Addressing the film's technical aspects, Vishwak Sen praised the exceptional sound and cinematography, promising an unparalleled cinematic experience. The actor expressed confidence that 'Gaami' would stand as a game-changer, akin to his previous projects, 'Gangs of Godavari' and 'Mokanik Rocky.'

In response to questions about the film's release, Vishwak Sen revealed that 'Gaami' would be presented in a unique PCX format, a first for Telugu cinema. While the focus is currently on the Telugu release, the actor hinted at the potential for the film to garner attention in other languages.

In a concluding remark, Vishwak Sen hinted at his packed schedule, with two films, 'Gaami' and 'Laila,' set to release within two months. The actor is set to explore diverse roles, ensuring a cinematic treat for his fans in the coming months.

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