Adapting to changing situations his brand of speciality

Adapting to changing situations his brand of speciality

Dr K Narayana & Venkaiah Naidu


His timeliness, ever-changing tactics according to changed situations, mingling with all, soft spoken, giving respect to everyone, including his opponents as well. That is his brand of speciality

He is an expert in rhetoric. Nobody can compete in this aspect. He is none other than Muththavarapu Venkaiah Naidu. Birth as a human being is the greatest gift. A guide is essential to lead and look after the helm of affairs of society. We have all agreed to name it as a political system. Each and every person will join a political party to which strongly believes and has enormous faith.In my student days through student movement, I have selected a political system. In those politics, I believed that CPI is only the sacred one and joined it and continued in the same party for 54 years.

In the same manner, Muththavarapu Venkaiah Naidu has joined ABVP student organisation in Nellore controlled by RSS. Earlier, ABVP was a student organisation of Jana Sangh and later it was changed to BJP. He is dedicated to it honestly as he has deep faith in the ideology of RSS and BJP. For over 50 years, he has never shaken but stuck to one political commitment.

His timeliness, ever-changing tactics according to changed situations, mingling with all, soft spoken, giving respect to everyone, including his opponents as well. That is his brand of speciality.

Even if we meet among many people, he will not cross the jurisdiction of his commitment.

If at all on some occasion if somebody meets him and seeks help or favour, he would frankly say that "if that person belongs to my party, I will give first preference to my party cadres. If nobody from my party seeks help definitely I will do the favour to the person who sought the help irrespective of his affiliations".

While he joined Andhra University of Vizag after the completion of his studies in Nellore, 'Jai Andhra' movement was intensified. He was very active in that movement. He was also an active leader along with the Late Jayaprakash Narayan in total Revolution. Apart from it he was an interpreter for the speeches of Jayaprakash Narayan. With this, he has become a popular figure in the state. He has toured along with Jayaprakash Narayan to interpret his speeches and thus became as a good translator. He has proved his hidden talent in that regard.

While the late NT Rama Rao was thrown out of power of chief ministership, Venkaiah Naidu played an active role in the movement for restoration of Democracy. He himself was a good speaker, this quality has helped him much to increase his popularity.

He used to utilise every opportunity he got.

He was used to overcoming the difficulties cleverly and very patiently if at all inside the party and outside the party. He was born in a common man's family. But he has climbed the ladder of the political arena step by step. Everybody has thought that he will reach the highest part of the ladder except me, because the post of Presidentship is the most crucial one. Undoubtedly, the position of presidency is the most vital one. In the future, the President has to play a very key role. The Modi government is not like the Vajpayee government which used to give importance to independent thinking. As in the Amrapali game, he has risen to heights and in no time he has to conclude the game.

One has to dedicate to the ideology in which he is having faith. One is not lured by any kind of temptations. Then only he will get satisfaction.

For human life more than satisfaction, what wealth does anybody need??

Our ideology and the ideology in which Venkaiah Naidu having faith are quite opposite and equidistant as well. But he was committed to the ideology to which he strongly believed. Hence from the bottom of my heart I am writing a few words about him.

His stepping down from the vice-presidentship is mere technicality. He can choose the best way to succeed in future life. At present, I am expressing my heartfelt greetings taking this opportunity.

This writer is National Secretary of CPI. (Dr K Narayana)

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