Agitating farmers show us nobility of protest

Agitating farmers show us nobility of protest

Agitating farmers show us nobility of protest


From freedom struggle to the agitation for separate Telangana State, the country has seen many an agitation

From freedom struggle to the agitation for separate Telangana State, the country has seen many an agitation. In the post-Independence era, most of the agitations were political in nature and were led by different parties or group of parties. These agitations, many times, had seen violence as well.

But the present agitation of Indian farmers, to be more specific the farmers from North India is something which would go down in the history as one of the best and most organised agitation. The farmers who are backbone of our nation have demonstrated that how an agitation can be peaceful, well organised and can be effective enough to make the government examine their demands.

The best part is that they have not allowed any political party to poke their nose or even finger in the agitation. Let us not get into the merits or demerits of the three farm laws. The government says these laws would benefit the farmers and the farmers argue that they are black laws but just examine how the farmers have organised the agitation. The site where they have laid siege to Delhi is nothing short of a rustic township spread in about 10 kms. You can see horses with stocks of feed.

There are bullocks and stocks of dry grass. There are proper tents with beddings. There are desi geysers lined up for hot water so that the farmers can take bath. There are washing machines to wash clothes. And the best part of it is 'Langar' which is nothing but a community kitchen where everyone participates in cooking food and serving them to the agitating farmers, the security personnel on duty and all those who go there to extend solidarity with them.

Even mouth-watering Jalebi, hot tea in 'Kulhads' (cups made of clay) with biscuits are served to anyone present there. To boost the immunity levels, dry fruits are being distributed. There are special stalls for distributing medicines and even chappals are available for those who are in need. You tell your foot size and you can get a pair of chappals.

What's more, some philanthropists have even set up a stall where foot massagers have been installed so that the farmers who come back after a daylong agitation can get their feet massaged. Ask anyone what the aim of the agitation is, the simple answer is repeal the three farm acts. They have their own argument and logic.

What needs to be admired is the discipline they have displayed so far and the way they had organised the agitation. Hats off to the farmers. Unfortunately, the media which of late seems to be turning myopic is more concerned about who is funding them. The same media never raised this question when Langar's were organised when coronavirus was at its peak and thousands of migrant labour were walking home.

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