No takers for Pakistan's false claims on Kashmir

No takers for Pakistan

Pakistan has missed the deadline to file a resolution on Kashmir at the ongoing United Nations Human Rights Commission.

Pakistan has missed the deadline to file a resolution on Kashmir at the ongoing United Nations Human Rights Commission. The last day to file a request for a resolution during the 42nd UNHRC session was on September 19.

The session which started on September 9 concludes on September 27. Pakistan did not file the petition as it failed to garner the minimum support of 16 nations for admission of the request.

Further adoption of the resolution would have required a minimum of 24 votes. Pakistan's Foreign Affairs Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi had promised his nation a resolution on Kashmir before leaving for Geneva to attend the session.

Before leaving for Geneva, the Pakistani Minister had claimed that he will use the UNHRC sessions to raise "Indian State monitored genocide in Jammu and Kashmir".

Shah Mahmood Qureshi had said that he would not only raise the Kashmir issue but will also move a Kashmir "resolution", seeking support for Pakistan's case. However, he failed to deliver. However, this was only expected.

What else could have been the outcome? The world knows Pakistan inside out by now. It is not just on the Kashmir issue. It could be Balochistan, Sindh or the way it deals with Ahmedias and religious minorities.

The doublespeak and the double game of Pakistan is evident. The more it raises the bogey of Kashmir brushing aside the ground reality of the Pak occupied Kashmir, the more the world will come to know of the horrendous state of affairs of its own occupied territories.

It is high time Pakistan stopped this false narrative about the Indian territory. If the situation is not normal in Jammu and Kashmir, it is so because of Pakistani designs. It is so because of the militants' activity in India.

The ISI raised, Pakistani Army trained jihadi forces are lurking around the corner in the region and this is what is preventing the complete restoration of normalcy. India is seeking to develop Kashmir and Pakistan wants to sabotage the process.

That is all. A few foreign media outlets and certain Indian voices might oppose the peace process in Kashmir initiated by the Indian government. But these have always reflected the Pakistani opinion. Let us look at the similar narratives to prove this point.

Pakistani media is full of torture stories. The irony is none of this is a straight quote. It quotes some unnamed source quoted by some foreign media sitting on their soil to 'highlight' Kashmiris plight.

"Torture, electrocution..." continue to dominate their narration. But they never explain why innocents people are being tortured by Pakistani trained militants.

They never explain why businessmen who open shop must be killed. They never justify the attack on a four-year-old child going to the school.

That is why they have lost all credibility. World prefers to hear about development, peace and prosperity. The story of mankind is a story of forward march.

It is not about occupation, subjugation and forced conversions which are all common to Pakistani story. As India's Foreign Secretary said is, "India soars, when Pakistan stoops low".

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