Not outbursts, action needed to stop rapes

Not outbursts, action needed to stop rapes

The rape and murder of a veterinary doctor in Hyderabad has led to nationwide protests. We are witnessing celebrities screaming in and outside...

The rape and murder of a veterinary doctor in Hyderabad has led to nationwide protests. We are witnessing celebrities screaming in and outside Parliament. We have seen politicians in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh taking out candle right rallies, holding protests demanding instant justice saying that if the police or government cannot do justice, the accused to be handed over to them.

Some demanded castration and lynching of the accused. Certainly, it is a grave issue. This kind of large-scale countrywide protests were seen soon after the Nirbhaya case. That itself indicates how concerned the people are about the safety of women and girls.

All this certainly should make lawmakers and law keepers to find ways and measures to see that all such people with animal instincts are severely punished which should virtually send chill down the spines of those who nurse such dirty intentions.

The High Court of Telangana needs to be congratulated for having decided to set up fast-track court in Mahbubnagar which would exclusively deal with this case. The protests have certainly helped in achieving this. But then, we all know that this tempo from the public is going to go down soon.

The question is: Can we prevent similar incident from happening again and what is the way forward? Demands for mob lynching, chemical castration etc as an emotional outburst sounds well. But can such punishments stop such incidents from happening in future? There are certain countries where hands are chopped of, but has it succeeded in eradicating such crimes? Don't we have laws which are deterrent? Do we need fresh laws?

In 2015 itself, efforts have been made to use technology which could come to the help of women in distress. Now we have many new apps and numbers which lawmakers and top police officials claim can help the victims. In some cases it did help the women in distress. But then, it is time for the common man and lawmakers to focus on bringing changes in the thinking of police.

They should come out of the colonial system of police jurisdiction. They should also be quick to react in case of a distress call and not waste time asking all kinds of silly questions. First, reforms should start from the lowest level of man in uniform. There are any number of incidents where they themselves abuse women and make all kinds of objectionable comments.

Serious efforts should be made to find ways and means to change the attitude of men and the way they look at opposite sex. This is not an easy task and certainly wonders cannot be expected overnight. The big question is how to see that the animal instinct can be done away with. One cannot rule out the influence of crime stories which are shown on celluloid and small screen on young minds.

This certainly needs to be controlled. Along with stern legal measures, speedy disposal of cases and, if need be, capital punishment within shortest time would help as short-term measure. But in the long run, the rulers in particular and people in general should show determination and come out of negative thinking that "nothing can change," to "why it cannot change". Certainly the gestation period is very long.

Here the target should be the next generation. It is just as simple as this. Ganga is polluted you can do nothing about what has happened so far, but from now onwards, steps are being taken to stop pollution and clean it. Same logic applies here too. Unless that happens, the kinds of scenes we are witnessing - both crimes and the public outbursts - will keep repeating.

The focus of lawmakers should be on giving high priority to work out strategies on how to bring about changes in the thinking of people from school level itself. Moral science as compulsory and serious subject should be introduced from school level. Sensitisation of an individual should start from childhood.

Once, they understand that any girl or women is no different from their mother or sister in terms of physiology, some beginning could perhaps be made. In the meantime, the law should act fast and sternest action should be taken against those who indulge in such heinous crimes. Target next generation for a cleaner society.

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