Acharya Prashant launches - 'Ananda - Happiness without Reason'

Acharya Prashant launches - ‘Ananda - Happiness without Reason’

Acharya Prashant launches - ‘Ananda - Happiness without Reason’


The Number One teacher of spiritual awakening in today’s world, Acharya Prashant, unveiled his latest book - 'Ananda - Happiness without Reason'.

The Number One teacher of spiritual awakening in today's world, Acharya Prashant, unveiled his latest book - 'Ananda - Happiness without Reason'. Published by HarperCollins, the book discards multiple myths that burden our consciousness and draws from scriptures like the Gita and the Upanishads to reveal the true meaning of Ananda or Joy.

This book makes one wonder "What is the one fundamental thing for which a person goes about toiling all his life - sacrificing, negotiating, scheming, praying?" Intuitively, one might answer - happiness. But does a person really know what happiness is? Most of the existing literature paints a fuzzy picture of happiness, beautiful in words but lacking in practicality. He explains how, for a typical person, happiness only exists against a backdrop of sadness, and what man is really looking for is not just happiness, but Ananda - an unconditional joy free from both happiness and sadness. The readers get an enriching kaleidoscopic perspective as they go through the range of human conditions, confusions and questions – all related to a certain want of inner clarity, peace and joy.

Commenting on the launch of the latest book, acclaimed Vedanta Teacher & Founder of PrashantAdvait Foundation, Acharya Prashant said, "I have been interacting with diverse audiences for over a decade, which inspired me to write this book as people need to know what True happiness actually is. This book will aid in their comprehension & will give you the confidence to question your deeply held beliefs and venture into uncharted territory beyond the duality of happiness and sadness".

Sachin Sharma, Executive Editor at HarperCollins India, said "Acharya Prashant is one of the foremost authorities on Vedanta, leading the way of millions of Indians towards our timeless Vedantic wisdom. However different our definitions of happiness be, every human being is chasing it in one way or the other. This book breaks all misconceptions about happiness and makes us think and reflect if what we're chasing is indeed true happiness or just a mirage. We are extremely delighted to publish Ananda."

Acharya-Ji's fearless message has improved the lives of people, animals, and earth itself with his books. He has authored over 80 books on important subjects such as Joy, Love, and Marriage to commentaries on the Scriptures, including his national bestseller, Karma. Recently, he has more than four of his books as best sellers on Amazon.

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