Donning a new avatar; Kannada actress Anusha

Anusha Hegde became a household name in two Telugu States as Mansi in the Telugu show 'Ninne Pelladatha'. The Kannada lass since then has wooed the audience with her looks and performance. Currently, Anusha is seen in the serial 'Suryakantham' on Zee Telugu.

Born and raised in Mangalore, Anusha informs that pursuing acting as a career was never on cards. She was preparing to write Civils and become an IPS officer. Anusha had also completed a year of training for the exams. She shares that an editor of a Kannada TV show checked Anusha's Instagram profile. He liked her pictures and shared with the director of the serial. A few days later she got a call for an audition and after that, there was no looking back for this petite girl.

"I am a classical dancer. I have completed my MA in Bharatanatyam. I was doing choreography for serials and was getting opportunities to work in serials, however, I wanted to complete my education. I was not interested to get into the field of acting as I was preparing for my Civils. Due to an accident, I could not clear my exam as I fractured my hand. I got a call from a producer for an audition later I came to know that someone recommended to him after stumbling upon my social media profile. I was not attending the audition initially as I have no background in acting, however, my family and friends encouraged me and I attended the audition and I am here now," she shares.

About her stint in Telugu TV industry, she says: "As I gained popularity for my works in the Kannada industry; Prabhu sir from Annapurna Studios called me for a new project titled 'Ninne Pelladatha'. I was not ready for it as I was doing Kannada serials. I received a call from him again. So, I wanted to give a shot and I auditioned for the role and got selected. I worked in 'Ninne Pelladatha' for eight months and I had to quit because of health issues. After seven or eight months I got a call from the same channel for 'Suryakantham', where I am playing the role of a boy named Surya."

"I was tensed as it was a boy's character as it is difficult to play the role of a boy when you are a girl. Every person in the serial supported me; I had to learn how to ride a bike. I was doubtful if I could play this character, but still, I manage to do my best. To portray a boy is tough as I am girlish and a sensitive person. I was scared to play the role as I was not sure if the audience would accept me for my character. After two to three shoots I portrayed the role accurately. My parents and my friends have been a huge support for me. My friends, who are boys also helped me to get the right posture, mannerism, etc, to fit into the character. It was difficult for a week, but I have managed to push through."

Does Anusha regret not becoming an IPS officer? "I did…in the beginning. I was interested in social service and I was fixed to study for Civil. My mother does a lot of social services and I was influenced by her. I realised that being an actress also I could contribute to society by doing social activities."

Anusha says that she wants to start dance academy. "I started dancing from the age of three and I still practice it. So, in the near future I will be starting a dance academy," she signs off.

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