Have a healthy vacay!

Have a healthy vacay!

Here's a checklist to follow for your travel medical kit…

Here's a checklist to follow for your travel medical kit…

The first step to creating a smart travel medical kit is to find a top-notch container. Go for those which are compartmentalised and are durable. Vary the size based on the trip duration. No cloth bags! There is always a chance of water seeping in.

Medical Band-Aids: You need to carry two types: the adhesive one and the cotton ones. The former is best for little nicks while the latter comes in handy in case of serious injuries.

Anti-septic liquid: A must. This liquid is useful to wash hands before and after eating at random stops, treating cuts and bruises, and ensures that germs do not enter your body through the hands.

Bug-repellent: In India, bugs are a perennial problem. To ensure they do not annoy you or by any chance if you catch an illness due to a bite, use a bug-repellent.

Electrolytes: Dehydration is a common scene while travelling. While water is essential, electrolytes go a step further to reenergise the body. Buy small pouches, mix one with water and drink when in need. These are available at all the pharmacies.

Pins/Tweezers/Medical scissors: These are medical tools that work wonders while applying bandages and treating injuries and bruises. Keep them sanitised or best, buy new ones before the trip.

Relief sprays: Smalls pulls, or sore muscles are common after long strenuous activities (hiking, riding, sitting). If you feel pain in any of your muscle groups, use some relief spray. It will ease the tension and pain.

Nasal spray/drops: For those whose nose is easily blocked on trips, carry these! A few drops or a single spray and one can breathe easy again.

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