Khadi is sustainable luxury. Here are some of the sustainable travel trends

Khadi is sustainable luxury. Here are some of the sustainable travel trends

With sustainability becoming a larger trend followed by the masses, the importance of natural fabrics has increased tremendously…

Khadi, widely recognised and utilised as the main textile for encouraging sustainability, has been a part of our culture since the 1920s and it's been 150 years ever since that people have a special love for it even today. Although being from the land of India, Khadi was never explored in the best possible way and only since a couple of years we have seen Khadi being used in different hand weaves and silhouettes. For modern environmentally conscious consumers, khadi is a sustainable luxury.

In this day and age, the fashion industry is one of the many pollution-generating industries. Khadi among other sustainable fabrics in rising proves to be a solution to this rampant problem because of its organic and eco-friendly nature. Here are some of the sustainable travel trends that women can vouch for during their endeavours and feel fashionably confident!

Statement twists to regular comfort wear: With the fall season comes the charm of leather boots, trench coats, and leather jackets. It's time to re-function your wardrobe and embrace your winter style with statement picks. Pair your favourite long-sleeve summer dresses with the mid-calf or knee-high boots to create Autumn/Fall style statements. With leather jackets and knee-high leather boots, the chic dresses make for an interesting touch while making statements everywhere you go! You can glide into the cotton jumpsuits too and pair them up with leather jackets to make airport looks!

Mix & match is the catch: Mix and match as you like! Give your flowy dresses a new outlook with denim. Pair your blue jeans with flowy dresses and create unexpected but riveting style combinations. Alternatively, you can pick up your comfortable maxi dress and match it up with a sneaker or oxfords – as you like it! Pair them up with statement accessories and a stylish sling bag to complete the look. The idea is to make your style and expression of your personality – Go explore!

Monochrome & neutrals: Monochromatic looks have been dazzling the runways for quite some time now. With pretty pastels like powder pinks and dust blues, or some neutrals like beige, off whites, etc you can create a show-stopping monochromatic look. Add a punch to your outfit with a shearling coat or plaid scarf to make it stand out. From office wears to elegant dinner parties - radiate your charm with monochromatic tones everywhere!

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